Artist Mentoring & Coaching Program

with Bree Noble

I am a musician, entrepreneur and speaker who is passionate about intentional living, focused learning and creative expression. My mission is to provide tools to help people discover their talents and create their own vision for their future success. 

I draw on my extensive experience running my own music business, both as a solo musician and as an Industry professional, to train and mentor other female musicians.

To work with me directly, you have 2 choices:

Join the Female Musician Academy & Artist Collective where you will get group coaching from me and other experts as well as video & audio training, informative articles & access to our Private Female Artist Collective Facebook group

OR Option 2...

1-on-1 mentoring & coaching with me

Two 30-minute calls with me per month

  1. To establish career goals
  2. To develop a strategy to achieve those goals
  3. To evaluate time management in relation to strategy and make adjustments

reasonable email access to me  

  1. I can evaluate your progress
  2. give suggestions
  3. answer questions throughout the month
Payment Options

I prefer each artist make a 3 Month Commitment which is why the pricing is structured as it is (if you commit for 3 months and pay up front you essential get 1 month free - see drop down menu).  I believe we can develop a much better rapport, work flow and strategy over a longer period of time. It will also help the artist to make a long-term commitment not just to me but to the development of their career.

I look forward to working with you!


"My name is Deborah Wargnier and I am a singer/songwriter from Southern CA. I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Bree Noble for the past several years. Bree is a passionate woman who is happy to share her knowledge and experience with others, such as myself, to help us to recognize our fullest potential! 

Her guidance, expertise and knowledge of the music industry led me to create a web site for my music that was exactly what I needed to get my music career going in the right direction! I believe it will indeed "serve me well" in reaching out to people who might have otherwise never taken the time to either get to know me or to give my music a chance!   Thank you Bree for being such an inspiration and such a supportive mentor!"