Frequently Asked Questions

Music Submissions

Q: How do I submit music to be considered for Women of Substance Radio & Podcast? 

A: You can tell them we have a review board and to go to this link:

Listening to Radio or Podcast

Q: What is the difference between a radio show and a podcast?  

A: A radio show airs at a particular time.  You must be tuned in at that time to listen. A Podcast is "listen on demand" and will stay online forever. Also, if you are using the Podcast app and subscribe to a show, it will automatically download the newest episode so you then don't have to have an internet connection to listen which is convenient for listening on a run, at the gym or in the car.

Q: How do I listen to the radio station online? 


Q: How do I listen to the podcast: on iTunes? 


Q: How do I listen to the Podcast on Android?

A: Use the Stitcher App

Q: How do I listen to the Podcast on my Apple Mobile device (iphone or iPad)?

A: Open the Podcast App from your front screen (or download it) and search for Women of Substance.


Q: How do I advertise on your station or Podcast?

A: Got to for all the options

Q: What size of banner ads can be used to advertise on the radio platform?

A: 728x90 and/or 300x250

Q: What is the best advertising deal? 

A: Sponsor of the month (first come first served). Visit

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Q: Where can I get more training on the music business?

A: Female Musician Academy at

Q: Where can I get 1 on 1 artist mentoring?

A: Bree Noble works with a few artists on a 1 on 1 basis. but for more affordable group coaching, join the Academy (above).