"I have been in radio for 20 years and you have done a really great job with your podcast, the pacing, audio quality and over all vibe are all really great, and feel free to quote me!" - Joey Stuckey, Producer & Radio Host

"I just listened to your new Podcast about how WOS Radio started out. I really enjoyed it and I subscribed to it from 2 apple accounts and also left a Review."

"I want to compliment you on your programming.  I loved the show, and all of the artists, and the musical arc that you created with the order.  It was a complete pleasure to listen!"  

"Bree, I was fortunate to use the holiday to catch up on things in my office and spent much of the day listening to WOS. I love the station and the music you play. It's a great mix of genres as well as talented indies mixed in with more established artists. I seem to be partial to amazing female artists. So WOS is a good fit for me. Thanks for all you do to support these artists and there music."

"So fantastic what this station does for Indie artists-having them be played alongside well known stars." 

"i like this station a lot! thanks for introducing me to some new singers." 

"Thank you for your newsletter. I enjoyed reading and listening to all of it.You are a hard worker. Congrats. Your station really keeps on top of things. Somebody's got it on the ball over there!" 

"fantastic, love it" -Facebook Fan 

"This is awesome!! Congratulations and keep up the grea work communicating and supporting musicians!! Love, Eileen Edmonds"

"This ROCKS. Sending it to everyone i know. Love you, and WOS.
Sharing your LOVE of music and making dreams come true.
-Never stop!!!" -Miranda Rose 

"Just found this (thanks Lisa Mann). What an excellent way to promote women in music!" -Facebook Fan 

"I'm loving this station and I'm glad to know it exist. I don't have to censor anything!"-Listener Feedback

"Wanted to thank you for turning me on to singer Katie Garibaldi. Listening to her on your show made me look up her album. Great!"-Listener Feedback 

"Thank you for supporting the Women of Substance...SUBSTANCE OVER GLAMOUR!!"-Listener Feedback


"Bree thank you for including FUE in your first holiday podcast. It was truly an honor to have our song play a few slots after the amazing Idina Menzel, one of my personal favorite artists. Thanks also for the extra pitch for Winter's Eve, both with our ad and your song listing at the end.  

I had a chance to listen to most of the earlier podcasts this weekend while I was running a tournament. It now seems like WOS is a regular part of each hockey tournament I run. They are awesome. It takes WOS to a new level. Your personal comments on each artist is obviously genuine and gives the show that special touch. Thank you for all you do to support female artists." 

"I also just wanted to say that the publicity for WOS which you might get from my small efforts will be no 'big deal' but what you do get will be from a few very genuine supporters of what I do - and what you have done for me - and what you are doing for many others."

"We heard the song and were blown away. I also heard some of the other artists and were impressed. You are doing a wonderful thing and you should be commended." - Dennis Williams for Brandie Hill with Yung Citizen

"I wanted to send you an email to say Thank You so much for playing my song Tell Me on the What's On My Ipod Program last week.  It was such an honor and thrill to be played on WOS Radio alongside the high caliber of music you play.    To now find out the song is in the Top 20 is so amazing!!  I am now a dedicated fan of the station as are lots of my friends and fans so thank you so much for this opportunity.  We are all tuning in." - Jennifer Jones  

"I have truly appreciated this radio station run by Bree Noble - who is daring to create unique programming that promotes female artists and their music.  I'm really grateful to have found this station and even more grateful for the opportunity to be heard on their station once again." - Michele Thomas

"I'd like to give a big thank you to Bree Noble who puts a great deal of work and time into Women Of Substance Radio. Bree is a supporter of women in music ! You'll find a combination of music you know and love, mixed with many newer upcoming artists and established indies; it's refreshing to listen to."-Manda Mosher