Today's Video Share: Head Above Water by This Way North

 Punchy and left of centre, but with a universally appealing groove and melody, This Way North’s live shows are powerful. Cat brings solid groove based, dynamic power drumming, while Leisha sways with swampy slide guitar, slimmed down soul vocals and compelling alt- pop melodies. Sometimes likened to The Black Keys, Tame Impala and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, their unique musical connection creates an explosive sound that’s rarely realised by just two artists on stage. Audiences are drawn in by the powerful performances of these two seasoned musicians. The moment This Way North embrace the stage the audience engage – that’s just how it is.
The video for 'Head Above Water' was shot at a recent fundraiser for the outdoor education group 'Mittagundi' up the remote Glen Valley in the Australian Alps. The video edited by Agostino Soldati and shot by Jerun Terlaak combines stunning footage of the high country and captures the beauty of being present during river floats, time with mates and live music. It is a beautiful representation of the song, its journey and meaning.

Twitter Handle: thiswaynorthHQ

Today's Video Share: Love me by TOMOKO Fukuda

Tomoko is a Japanese singer songwriter who expertly blends Eastern spiritualism and American soul music.
Her debut single "Love Me" is a sensual bossa nova tune with a universal appeal that makes you feel good.
The credit: Lyrics & Melody Written by Tomoko, Music Produced by Jamba, Video directed by Steven Speliotis.
For more info visit:

Twitter Handle: tomokoofficial

Today's Video Share: Pulse by Kirsten Collins

Pulse is written by Louis Vivet and features Kirsten Collins.

Kirsten is Canadian born and raised from Calgary Alberta.
Music has been the love of her life since a very young age. She embraces the stage at every
performance and shines. She has had the opportunity to write and record with Grammy
producers at the young age of 14 in LA.
She is featured on the MC Mario singing "Anti-Gravity" and is popular across social media
platforms such as Facebook, Instagram.
To hear Kirsten perform live is a listening experience. Her pure voice has an incredible
fluidity and resonance that impacts your heart. She has multiple octave range that carries
different variants of colour and sound. One of her unique abilities is to write a song right in
the moment.
She was singing on key when she was less than 2 years old. She sang her first solo at age 5
and wrote her first song at 6. She then went on to win Calgary Junior Idol when she was 10.
She was named Miss Teen Calgary - World in 2012 and also competed in the Miss Teen
Canada - World pageant. As an actress, she had a major role in the 2009 film Rust - Sony
(Corbin Bernsen) which featured her original song "Could You Imagine.”




Today's Video Share: The trestle by Gold Dust Pony Elle Crossley

"The Trestle" is a song about the wonderment of love. It was inspired by watching the young people in my family grow up and become young adults and also watching them experience first loves reminded me of my youth, first crushes, first real loves and endless summer love. With this video I wanted to capture the feel of a dreamy late summer using imagery that hopefully would inspire each listener's own memories. This song is available for a free download at -Elle Crossley from Gold Dust Pony

Today's Video Share: A Son With a Gun by Linda Mckenzie

So your boy tells you he's joining the military. This video might reveal what could go through the mind of a mother when she learns this news. Linda Mckenzie is one such Army mom and singer/songwriter who wrote the song initially using music as her therapy. When her young son announced he was going to join the military and become a "Soldier", this song was born at the songwriter’s kitchen table. A heartfelt look at what “A Son With A Gun” feels like to one such mom. Track# 4 of the songwriters album, “Along the Way" features the song which is dedicated to mothers of soldiers everywhere. A portion of the sales from this album benefits “The Blue Star Mothers of America, Inc.”, which is a 501(c)3 National Organization. You can Listen to Linda Mckenzie's music here: (enjoy a free song download while you’re there!)

Today's Video Share: Alone by Emily Zuzik

Los Angeles artist Emily Zuzik has been known to switch up her songwriting styles. With the video for Alone, she displays her confident electro-pop wares while lyrically exploring the transitions when someone has gone too soon. Alone is off her latest EP, ANGELENOS, produced and co-written with Tim Lefebvre (David Bowie's Blackstar/Tedeschi Trucks Band). Travel through a world of psychedelic colors, open freeways at night and moody rainy days, all while listening to the tale of vulnerability and honesty Emily sings dynamically.

Today's Video Share by: Be Yourself by Sami Lin

Sami Lin is a pop-country performer from the Northwest side of Chicago. Sami Lin is an avid singer/songwriter who began writing her own music at thirteen years old. Sami Lin's music and style have been influenced by pop, contemporary country, and Christian worship music as well as hard work, broken straps, and an electrocution from a faulty amplifier. Sami Lin's songwriting and vocal style has been compared to Taylor Swift. 

Sami had major spinal surgery when she was six years old. This tremendously limited her mobility and recreational activities. In 4th Grade an amazing music teacher entered her life and it was changed forever. Unfortunately, she knows all too well the impact of dealing with a disability and the effects of bullying. Sami Lin's original song "Be Yourself" was written to encourage teens to be proud of who they are and not who society says they should be. Because as Sami says "the real you is the best you". Check out for more information and music.

Todays Video Share: Sugar Fix by Brenda Burch

Winner of the Horizon Award for Best International Newcomer in Europe as well as Single of the Year for "Sparks Will Fly," Brenda Burch is making a name for herself in the US and European markets. She wrote "Sugar Fix" about loving someone so much, you just can't get enough. It's a fun, upbeat, colorful video filled with sweets, treats, kids & cartwheels!

Today's Video Share: Dancing On The Titanic by Lenka Lichtenberg

Lenka Lichtenberg creates uniquely Canadian world music, channeling the rich Toronto soundscapes of the Middle East, India and Brazil, and her own East European heritage. With a voice for the ages, this award-winning artist (2012 Canadian Folk Music Awards -Traditional Singer of the Year) melds innovative expressions of traditional song with her own contemporary compositions, combining folk, jazz and world into a unique celebration of her roots. A child star in her native Prague, Czech Republic, she is a singer-songwriter, published composer and bandleader with 6 solo CD releases. Her 2016 album “Yiddish Journey” was released by the U.K.-based ARC Music,, which also signed off on releasing her 2017 album “Masaryk”. Lenka is in the midst of a diverse international concert career, traveling across continents as a solo artist, with her group “Fray”, or with one of her collaborative projects. Her latest tour (December, 2016) included a concert at the Kennedy Centre in Washington, D.C.
Lenka is an engaged activist, and her songs contemplate current issues. "Dancing on the Titanic" is Lenka's latest video. It was produced by Lenka's long-time collaborator Lumir Hladik. The recording features her band members, and the rising star Galen Weston as a guest guitarist.

Today's Video Share: Wayside by Salome Korkotashvili (SALIO)

Wayside is the featured video release from the debut Lost World EP by SALIO. The video depicts some of the problems that we face as humans today and how we can show love where little or none exists to great effect. It was directed by Georgian videographer Yugo Morris and is a single shot. SALIO plays the waitress who despite suffering a lot of abuse herself, sees an opportunity to help a young girl escape an abusive future which she takes in the form of aiding her escape.

Today's Video Share: "17" by Sydney Ranee

17 is written and produced by Sydney Ranee' and is off of her latest EP titled "You Could". Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Sydney Ranee' has always had a passion for music. Studying at various performing arts schools such as LACHSA and culminating at  Cornish College of the Arts. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Music. This powerhouse vocalist with a sassy stage presence has rocked stages around the U.S. and internationally in Italy, Singapore, and Greece.

Today's Video Share: What if by Sheri Tenaglia

Lou delivers songs with a voice that's both rich and fresh, with undertones of blues and jazz.
Produced and mixed by Ryan Luchuck of Toronto. Stellar contributions are made by Michael Carbone on drums, Ryan Luchuck on bass, guitar and
piano, Ciara O'Reilly backing vocals, Sharon Lee violin, and Peter Perko backing vocals and accordion. Peter is also co-writer of the song. The song is essentially three separate stories that reflect a common theme: second chances. They are inspired by real life experiences, beginning with Lou's personal story, and moving through tales of a mother's struggle, a friend's suicide, and a well known catastrophe in the Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004; the deadliest in history. There were four more original songs that were recorded during the Luchuck sessions. Finished versions will be released one at a time in 2017. Each will be different from the next, and will hold surprises for the listener with influences from a variety of genres.

Today's Video Share: Solid by Emmaline Muchmore

"Solid" is the first single from my new release coming out in February 2017. The lyrical idea was inspired by a great photo shoot of Serena Williams in the New Yorker magazine. What I tried to do with the video was to evoke the experiences of strong women of all stripes who are taking charge of their narrative and their path, making it into a fun and powerful statement for both women and men that I hope encourages them to acknowledge and celebrate their own power.

Today's Video Share: Chocolate by Jenny Nicole

"Chocolate" shows a woman's journey to get over heartbreak by eating the pain away. In the video, her heart heals, but with a little element of surprise. The video and song give a lighthearted spin to a rough situation. The song, "Chocolate", is on Jenny Nicole's debut album, Picking up the Pieces. Jenny Nicole has a song for everyone, writing in a variety of genres and striking different emotions. Visit to hear her catchy melodies and see where the songs are available for purchase and streaming.

Today's Video Share: When I am Still by Cynthia Brando

Cynthia Brando is a singer songwriter in Los Angeles.
She is the founder of Music Emerging-a new music magazine that will soon be releasing its third issue. Through her magazine, she also hosts an event called "Music Emerging Presents"-a successful concert series in Los Angeles. Her writing has been published on the popular music sites Music Clout and Music Industry How, To and she is currently starting a new venture in blogging called "The Musician's Heart"-a blog focusing on the emotional health of its readers, which will be launched in early 2017. "When I am Still" is a song from Cynthia's 2016 EP "In the Here and the Now." The video was shot in Joshua Tree, CA by film maker Rex Hoss Thompson and edited by Cynthia.

Today's Video Share: Come Back to Me by Casey McQuillen

Pop singer-songwriter Casey McQuillen isn’t your typical teen pop star telling a sweet story about her love songs. She self-produced, arranged, wrote and performed her first two albums before going on to study at Berklee College of Music in Boston. McQuillen then jumped into the national spotlight when she competed and earned a spot on American Idol’s Season 13. Throughout her time at Berklee, she created anti-bullying concert series called The “You Matter” Tour and performs the show to over 40,000 middle and high school students. During the concerts, using her original songs and life stories, McQuillen teaches young students about anti-bullying, building self-confidence, and the benefit of taking risks and pursuing your dreams. Most recently, Casey was recently recognized by The UN Foundation for her accomplishments. "Come Back To Me" is the latest video from her new EP, Beautiful, set to release in early 2017.