Today's Video Share: Every Lovely Thing by Kate Stanton & Marianne Kesler

We are a songwriting duo made up of Kate Stanton & Marianne Kesler. This is our debut studio recording.
"Running" is an encouragement to free yourself from toxic relationships. Only the verses are text (Kate writing ;)
and all of the video footage shot on our iPhones! Our genres as a duo lean toward ambient, dream pop.

Twitter Handle: evrylovelything

Today's Video Share: The Trouble is Waking Up by Kelly Hoppenjans

The vivid imagery of dreams and the harsh light of reality serve as the inspiration for Kelly Hoppenjans’ latest EP. Through the five songs on the record, she has constructed a dreamscape of folksy yet unfamiliar sounds, inspired by the likes of Paul McCartney’s Ram, Imogen Heap and early Joni Mitchell. “I always try to throw something a little surprising into a song, as long as it’s supported by the lyrics—an instrument you might not hear often, or an unusual rhyme, or a unique groove. We used a couple of Indian instruments on this record, the dilruba and sitar, and I think it lends an unexpected sound to the tracks.” The lead single and video, “The Trouble Is Waking Up,” details the end of a tempestuous, Bonnie-and-Clyde type relationship with melancholy foreboding. Dreaming is Easy is Hoppenjans’ second EP, and takes the listener on a colorful yet stark journey through love, heartbreak, betrayal, and hope.

Twitter Handle: kellyhoppenjans

Today's Video Share: I am a Woman by Pretentious BubbleRap

I find often as women, we experience unfair judgment for being sexual. If a man has casual sex he got laid, where as a woman got played. If a man has multiple partners he's a player but a woman is deemed a slut. I could go on for days about double standards. But instead I wrote a song. I wrote it when I was discovering I could be an independent, confident, intelligent, and respectable human and still be completely comfortable with being sexual. This song is about coming into your sexuality as a young woman and not feeling the shame that society seems to think we should feel.

Today's Video Share: Headin' Back To Cleveland by Val Halla

Headin' Back to Cleveland is the lead off single from Val Halla's new album "A Walk On Part in the War" available now on all digital retailers and streaming sites.

Hailing from the middle of the Canadian prairies, the Saskatchewan singer/songwriter and guitar player has received praise for her old school sound that incorporates elements of classic rock, soul, blues, country, and even 90’s era grunge-rock. She has been described by fans as “Courtney Love meets the Allman brothers” or “Mellencamp meets Joan Jett”.

Val Halla has received words of praise and support from rock veterans like famed guitarist Elliott Randall, members of CCR, Gary Allen of the Charlie Daniels Band, and fellow Canadians Todd Kerns and Anvil. She has also performed as direct support to legendary rockers like Ted Nugent, Alice Cooper, Burton Cummings, and Eric Burdon of the Animals.

Val Halla will be embarking on a solo tour of Ireland and the UK beginning April 25th through to the start of June 2017.

Please check for upcoming tour dates.

Twitter Handle: valhallamusic

Today's Video Share: Take Me Back by Brenda Burch

"Take Me Back" fills the 6th slot on Brenda Burch's award-winning EP, Sparks Will Fly. The song is about having the courage to get out of an unhealthy relationship, take back your life and begin again with a fresh new start. The video was shot in the majestic red rock mountains of Southern Utah near Zion National Park and Snow Canyon.

Described throughout her career as the little girl with a big voice, Brenda Burch has captivated audiences in the USA, Europe and Asia with her energetic performances, rich Country vocal style and ability to connect with a crowd. Sharing the stage with Darius Rucker, Neal McCoy, Collin Raye and many others has given her the chance to convey tales of love, life, loss and strength in her music to thousands of concert-goers.

Twitter Handle: brenda_burch

Today's Video Share Oh My Love by Chantelle Tibbs

Chantelle Tibbs was born in the small town of Vineland, New Jersey. She would pick okra with her grandparents and visit Cow Town on weekends with her family. Around the age of 14 she was placed in a girl's R&B group that was to be signed by University records. She was kicked out of the group because she was too tall. "The music was great but it just didn't feel like me." When she moved to San Francisco, California at age 17, she found a connection to Bluegrass, Americana music. "It reminded me of long car rides with my dad in New Jersey." Fusing the Indie Rock of her current musical findings along with the sounds from her youth she and Eric Dudinsky of Mira Records came together to produce "Long Time Running"."She is your meat and potatoes in a world of GMO's". Chantelle's music has been selected for "The Last Alley cat" and the "All the Others Were Practice" soundtracks. The album "Long Time Running" will be released January of 2017.

Today's Video Share: Some Minor Noise by SMN

Some Minor Noise is an indielectro duo from Toronto, Canada. Their brand of electronica is simultaneously dark and uplifting, excitingly danceable while deeply emotional, and futile with the tiniest twinge of hope. Some Minor Noise make music to dance, cry, and break stuff to, and they hope you will join them.

The video for Some Minor Noise's "Still Life" is living life as if it were a waking dream, visually showing the feeling of being stuck in a never-ending loop where you just can't seem to get ahead. Every time you close your eyes, the world speeds up and you miss out, but each time you open them, the world slows to a crawl. Produced by Toronto production duo Airfoil Media, "Still Life" captures what it's like to be 'forever-stuck', a feeling so many artists know all to well.

Today's Video Share: Slip on Shoes by Susan Kane

Susan Kane's sweet and sharp Americana is an alchemy of stuff dug from the dirt, born from books, gleaned from the air, yesterday's news and tomorrow's daydreams. This is a live performance of her original song, "Slip On Shoes," an ode to impatience and laziness--two traits which go hand in hand and bedevil the best of us! Featuring Jeff Eyrich on bass and Fred Gillen, Jr. on percussion.

Twitter Handle: SusanLKane

Today's Video Share: Elia-Damn by Elia

Elia started singing as a young girl in Israel, eventually serving her country as a representative singer during her army service. After serving, she began singing more and more in local bands around the country. Elia soon had grown very connected to the Israeli music scene, having worked with many of the country's top musicians, and was able to begin work on her debut album in Hebrew. The album was nationally acclaimed, seeing (and continuing to see) much airtime on Israeli radio.

With a diverse style, ranging from top 40's pop to soulful R & B, Elia has so much to offer the American pop music world. She brings grit and passion to a genre which is often expected to be clean and monotonous. Elia is a strong and unwavering force of music and feminism, putting her boundless passion into her songs and her sharp mind into her collaborations.

Twitter Handle: elia55880151

Today's Video Share: Undercover Girl by Loftan

Shot with the help of friends, the video for Loftän’s song “Undercover Girl” interweaves the light-hearted song title with the deeper meaning of the lyrics. While the band intrudes upon the personal lives of their friends getting ready for a date, proving mathematical theorems or partying in the front yard, the lyrics tell the story of a girl hiding behind her self-imposed mask.

Loftän is a German/American pop music duo based in Eugene, Oregon. Janell Riedl, an Oregon native, and Julia Mahncke, a recent transplant from Germany, met in the summer of 2015 at a Pilates studio. They started talking about music, jamming together and very quickly realized they should make this a thing. The duo's indie/pop/folk sound is based around the women's vocal harmonies. In July 2016 they self-released their debut EP "From Here".

Twitter Handle: thebandloftan

Today's Video Share: Elysium by Jesso Jesso

Video Artist of the Year 2016—’JESSO”
Thanks to the Australian Independent Music Awards ( Musicoz )for voting JESSO Video Artist of the Year for my Video “Elysium”  - Special Thanks to Angus Giorgi. Many thanks to AIMA for putting on such a great Awards night at the Enmore Theatre in Sydney ,Wednesday 26th October. Congratulations to all category winners— I was also thrilled to be nominated as a Finalist for Artist of the Year, the talent and dedication of all artists this year was truly astounding, it was a privilege to be a part of the evening and to be acknowledged
In the Industry.

Twitter Handle: jessomusic

Today's Video Share: Land Mine by Krista D

Official lyric video for Land Mine. (Genre: Pop/Rock/Punk/Doo-wop)
Krista D is a singer-songwriter, originally from New Brunswick, who currently lives and works as a visual artist, alongside of recording music, in Edmonton, Alberta.
Samples of her 3 music projects can be heard here:
Her 3 styles of visual art can be viewed here:

Today's Video Share: Come Around by Sarah Riches

Sarah is a singer/songwriter from Birmingham, UK. Her debut album "Come Around" was released in Nov 2016 & is available on iTunes & Amazon Music. Sarah is heavily inspired by Carole King, The Carpenters, Fleetwood Mac & more recent artists such as Rumer & Norah Jones. Her album contains original tracks with a retro flavour. This video is the title track of her "Come Around" album & was inspired by the gorgeous photo on the cover of Carole Kings' "Tapestry" album.

Twitter Handle: sarahrichessong

Today's Video Share: There Was a Time by sunday wilde

There Was a Time is the two time winner of the Blues International Release of the Year, Blues411.
It also ranked #1 on Sirisuxm Radio BB Kings Bluesville.  Two Time winner of the Independent Music Awards Best Blues Song. It was Voters Choice finalist in the International Songwriting Competition and #1 in NY. See more accolades and awards on

Twitter Handle: sundaywilde

Today's Video Share: There will always be a light by Willow Scrivner

I wrote this song, 'There Will Always Be a Light,'  shortly after the election last November.
This video is a collection of footage from myself, my sister Rebecca Aske and my dear sister-friend, Kate Tucker of the Women's March in D.C. January 21st, 2017.
I hope it serves as a reminder to myself and you that, even though we may all be coming from different view points in life, there can always be a Light if we let Love in.

Today's Video Share: Sunshine by Suzanne Carroll

This Instrumental Song, Sunshine, was written and performed by Suzanne Carroll. A songwriter and composer based in Ireland, she has been influenced by many artists as she has developed her own style. They include:  Michael Jackson, Freddie Mercury, George Michael, Enya, Hans Zimmer and Carrie Underwood.She also writes music in different genres such as Pop, Country, New Age, Easy Listening and R& B.