Today's Video Share: Questions by Xs and Arrows feat. Courtney Lavender and Glen Hansard

Xs & ARROWs is a trio of native Los Angelenos bound by teenage friendship, a love of Irish rock, and commitment to artistic creation.

The group began as rock n' roll quartet EXIT, playing high-profile clubs such as The Whisky and The Viper Room. In their incarnations with various singers, they have had some truly noteworthy experiences: playing the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, touring the Balkans, even joining U2 on stage at the Staples Center in Los Angeles for a performance of the legendary band's "Out of Control."

Today Xs & ARROWs have found their identity fronted by guitarist Courtney Lavender, favouring an acoustic vibe with warm, vulnerable vocals. The single from their debut EP (From Here), "Questions," was first performed at a dinner party in Ireland when Courtney was finding her voice. Glen Hansard was in attendance, and his encouragement made a profound impact. When it came time to record the song, Glen generously contributed harmonies, resulting in not only a gorgeous recording, but a true full-circle moment.

Twitter Handle: xsandarrows