Today's Video Share: The Trouble is Waking Up by Kelly Hoppenjans

The vivid imagery of dreams and the harsh light of reality serve as the inspiration for Kelly Hoppenjans’ latest EP. Through the five songs on the record, she has constructed a dreamscape of folksy yet unfamiliar sounds, inspired by the likes of Paul McCartney’s Ram, Imogen Heap and early Joni Mitchell. “I always try to throw something a little surprising into a song, as long as it’s supported by the lyrics—an instrument you might not hear often, or an unusual rhyme, or a unique groove. We used a couple of Indian instruments on this record, the dilruba and sitar, and I think it lends an unexpected sound to the tracks.” The lead single and video, “The Trouble Is Waking Up,” details the end of a tempestuous, Bonnie-and-Clyde type relationship with melancholy foreboding. Dreaming is Easy is Hoppenjans’ second EP, and takes the listener on a colorful yet stark journey through love, heartbreak, betrayal, and hope.

Twitter Handle: kellyhoppenjans