Today's Video Share: "Child of Thunder" by Susan Marie Gallion

Susan Marie Gallion describes her song, “Child of Thunder” as a song about words and the art of communication – right words, wrong words, healing words, ill-chosen or never spoken words. Gallion takes this communication one step further with a video collage of Americana-style folk art that reinforces her lyrical lament about the “something I never said”.

A Grammy-nominated songwriter, Gallion has written hundreds of original songs, ranging from pop, country and jazz, to children’s music. You can learn more about Gallion and her music at

Today's Video Share: "Choose Love" by Anne-Marie Lax

Anne-Marie Lax’s video for her inspirational song, “Choose Love”, from her recently released Dancing in the Light CD, was named winner of Empower Posi Music Award – Best Music Video of 2015. The video fills the screen with a beautiful photographic montage underscored by Lax’s positive and inspirational song asking everyone to choose love over fear. Lax’s vocal style and lyrics pay homage to her musical influences: Joni Mitchel and Grace Slick.

The New Mexico-based singer/songwriter has written a collection of positive and inspirational songs, covering genres from rock, blues, jazz, and pop, that will take you from the ridiculous to the sublime. It will have you nodding your head, tapping your toes, and smiling from ear to ear. You can learn more about Anne-Marie Lax and her music at

Today's Video Share: "I Love You Like Kanye Loves Kanye" by Younis Clare

If you are a fan of the golden age of MTV and VH-1, then you’ll love the latest music video for “I Love You Like Kanye Loves Kanye” by Australian-based artist, Younis Clare. The quirky story line and “tongue-in- cheek” comedy bits match perfectly with Clare’s unique and quirky view of the world. So put on your leg warmers, spandex, and head bands, and get ready to enjoy the most hilarious 4 minutes that is not the 80s.

Singer, songwriter, pollinator, and poet Younis Clare has returned to Melbourne to share her creative music with the world. You can learn more about Younis Clare at

Today's Video Share: "Complete Peace" by Tracy Colletto

Combining her talents as a singer/songwriter and an accomplished photographer, the music video for Tracy Colletto’s “Complete Peace” recalls her solo cross country road trip that inspired the song. Tracy’s clear and expressive voice, supported by piano, guitar and strings, takes the listener along with her as she allows the simple beauty that surrounds us take her from a mind numbing job and restore her artistic soul.

Tracy is a singer/songwriter whose poetic and story-telling lyrics weave into an eclectic range of melodies, from orchestrated ballads to rock anthems. Her delivery is straightforward and vulnerable and with an emotive, versatile range. Based in Westchester, PA (a suburb of Philadelphia), Tracy has been creating songs and performing most of her life. She is a classically-trained coloratura soprano who decided to perform her own music with her ownvoice. Tracy’s voice is clear and boldly honest and her music invites interpretation and reflection.

Today's Video Share: "No More" By Heather Harvin

"No More" is performed by versatile vocalist, Heather Harvin. The song also features rapper Chris O. The lyrics deliver a meaningful message about the battle for inner peace. "No More" is a cry of surrender, not to lose and be captured, but to win by surrendering oneself to peace and freedom.

Heather Harvin is a music artist based in Los Angeles, California. Heather's music is a blend of soul, pop and R&B.

Today's Video Share: "Life Inside A Song" By Arielle Phillips

"Life Inside a Song" is a country song sung by Arielle Phillips with lyrics written by Arielle Phillips' mother. Arielle and her friend, Ben Jaimen, crafted the beautiful  melody for the song which is her mother's message of appreciation to all women. The song was first presented during Mrs. Phillips' birthday as a surprise from her husband and daughter.

Arielle Phillips is a country singer and songwriter. Arielle has sweet, laid-back country vocals. She has released two singles: "Honey Child" and "Life Inside A Song".

Today's Video Share: "Can't Let Go" By Tara Hendricks

"Can't Let Go" strongly expresses the emotion of someone trapped my unrequited love . The song is performed powerfully by Tara Hendricks. Set in a messy room, it shows the realistic frustration and confusion that follows after a surge of bliss. With retro pop riffs and rhythm, and dynamic soulful vocals, Tara and her band give a commanding performance in this music video.  

Tara Hendricks grew up in New Jersey where she started in musical theaters and gaining experience through talent shows. She is currently based in Philadelphia where she has been performing in sold out shows. 

Today's Video Share: "The Rest" By Randy Driscoll

"The Rest" is a song of heartbreak; the pain and emotional suffering that comes with it and the dark cloud that it casts over everything. The piano and vocals express a clarity and passion that is soothing to the spirit while also awakening feelings of loss and emptiness. The music video is a beautiful creation that gives a moving interpretation to the musical theme expressed through dancing in the rain.  

Randi Driscoll is a sensational singer and songwriter. Her piano-driven musical style has been featured commercially in TV and film. Randi's original music blends together elements of multiple genres into a cohesive style that's all her own.

Today's Video Share: "Little Place" By Leena Ojala

Composed by Leena Ojala, "Little Place", is a song that uncovers relationship challenges and complications brought about by consequences and changes. Leena's catchy but unique hums give soul to the music video. This beautifully crafted music and video is a "little place" that you can get lost in.

Leena Ojala is an indie pop electronica artist with uniquely haunting vocals. Her musical influences and inspirations came from a variety of cultures as she was born in Germany with English and Finnish decent and has lived in Asia and UK. She is currently collaborating with other artists and writing more material.

Today's Video Share: "Absolutely" By Andrea Speaks

"Absolutely" is a song remembering a personally tragic and frustrating experience of the songwriter, Andrea Michelle, and her band about the death of the manager they trusted and looked up to and the truth that unfolded afterward. His murder exposed the lies and pretension of someone they thought was a trusted friend and ally. The music video and audio was produced by drummer and bass player, Bo Wayne.

Andrea Speaks' story is a sad and traumatic truth of a musician's ordeal in life and career. As the band name describes, Andrea speaks of these experiences through their music with creatively haunting melodies, chilling vocals and quality musical arrangements by Bo Wayne.  

Today's Video Share: "All Over This Town" By Lake Lady

"All Over This Town" was written by Charise “Lake Lady” Sowells. The artistic music video was also conceptualized by the soulful Lake Lady and directed by James Mushi. Each dancer in the video dance their interpretation of heartbreak through different styles and movements. The dancers reflect the artistic and cultural richness of Lake Lady's Oakland community where she is based.

Charise “Lake Lady” Sowells is a passionate singer, songwriter and artist with her own unique style and character. Charise also has an accomplished background in film and event planning. She is currently performing at shows, promoting her music and running Unabashed Productions, a production company she founded.

Today's Video Share: "Fine" by Morgan Wilson

"FINE" is the newest single release by Morgan Wilson, an 18-year-old Indie Pop singer-songwriter from the Houston area. The song is a beautifully layered pop ballad, that takes you on a journey through the healing process of a broken relationship. Here is a behind the scenes video about the making of and the story behind the song.

Listeners of Halsey, Ed Sheeran, Bea Miller and Taylor Swift (1989) might also enjoy Morgan's music. She recently finished her second EP at Red Tree Recording Studio with producer, Jeffery Armstreet/ Mixed by Exit The Earth, which has received both regional and national attention, as well as steady internet radio AirPlay both nationally and internationally. She is set to tour the Texas area this summer.

You can find more about Morgan and listen to her new single at

Today's Video Share: "Speed Of Sound" By Brother Spellbinder

"Speed of Sound" is a cabaret folk song by Brother Spellbinder about attachment and emotions. Alzara Getz sings with wistful vocals while everything else around her just flows in harmony. The music video starts with the unconventional beat of a typewriter and progresses to a beautiful dreamy song accompanied by a variety of enchanting instruments. The video was an entry for the NPR Tiny Desk Contest.

Brother Spellbinder was founded by Alzara Getz, daughter of professional drummer, Dave Getz of the Big Brother & The Holding Co. Their music incorporates elements of folk, pop, jazz and Bohemian. The band is composed of Alzara Getz on vocals, Jamie Wilson on guitars, Steve La Porta on drums, Steve Bollhoefer on violin, and Gabriel Beistline on cello.

Today's Video Share: "Power Hungry" By Zoey Sutra

"Power Hungry" explores personal needs, wants and the boundaries that must come with it. The lyrics send out a message about how the hunger for power can turn into greed. The music video was written, produced, directed, edited and performed by Zoey Sutra. The music begins with soft, percussive tribal beats. The video was filmed in Ayers Rock, a  UNESCO World Heritage Site in Australia.

Zoey Sutra is based in Australia. Zoey kindled her passion for music by playing African percussion at a young age. She pursued a music career in New York where she took voice lessons and production. Influenced by a global upbringing, she continues to infuse several genres in her music.

Today's Video Share: "Close That Door" By Helen Sanderson-White

Written and performed by UK based, Helen Sanderson-White, "Close That Door" is a profound motivational track that encourages to put behind the past and look forward to the future. "Close That Door" is a retro pop song that goes along with the 60's themed music video. This finely crafted music track was the beginning of the artist's new path as a writer and singer.

Helen Sanderson-White has been awarded the Christian Music Award for “NCM Contemporary Artist (England)”. She loves collaborating with other artists in making music, singing and creating videos.

Today's Video Share: "Problem" By Josette

"Problem"" is Josettes's first single. Josette showcases conflicting emotions through her performance and stand-out voice in this music video. The music definitely sounds like walking in the falling autumn leaves.

Josette is a young pop singer and songwriter from New Jersey. The talented 17 year old also plays the guitar and piano. She wrote her first song "All Alone" at seven years old.

Today's Video Share: "I Don't Believe It" By Rachael Sage

"I Don't Believe It" is a powerful motivational song that will make your spirits soar. The song was inspired by Rachael's personal experiences in her youth training in ballet. She then struggled to manage the effects of bullying, but they didn't keep her down. She rose above all those painful challenges by becoming an artist of character with a beautiful soul, inspiring others to stop hiding in the shadows of doubt and insecurity. With swift, graceful and expressive dance movements, jaunty instrumentation and flowing vocals, this music video will inspire even the most downtrodden. The music video features young, soulful dancer, Kaci King, who is a three time National Dance Champion. 

Rachael Sage is a forward-thinking artist. She founded her own Indie record label called MPress records which promotes her releases and those of other Indie artists on their roster. Her music is coupled with her other talents in dance, poetry and visual arts which aid to its epic, theatrical feel.

Today's Video Share: "Barbie Can't Stand Up" By Memphis Belle (Mary Kay Maas)

"Barbie Can't Stand Up" will inspire your feet to dance with the inviting melodies of the harmonica and its infectious beat. The music video which has a vintage flair was filmed at the Palacio de Meres, asset of the Spanish cultural heritage in Asturias, Spain. The band's amazing performance in this video exhibits harmony and passion. The song gives a message about the consequences of women who are controlled in any way.   

Memphis Belle is a soul pop band with Mary Kay Maas on music composition, vocals and lyrics, Agustín Fernández Quiñones on guitar and music composition too, Rufino Vigil on bass, Manuel Velasco on harmonica, Iris Martínez on drums and Sam Rodríguez on piano. This year, the band became a finalist in the 40 Principales Radio Contest in Spain.

Today's Video Share: "Come On" By Kerri Medders

"Come On" is performed by talented teen musician and performer, Kerri Medders. In this music video, the band performs in an old house garage which is brought to life by the lighting, fresh and energetic sound and electrifying performance of Kerri and her band.

The young singer and songwriter, Kerri Medders, who hails from Texas but now living in LA, continues writing new songs, creating new music and touring locally and across the US. Kerri is also an actress. She has completed a short film she wrote and directed when she was 11 years old.

Today's Video Share: "Ecstasy at the End of Days" By Dōdeca

"Ecstasy at the End of Days" will take you on a gloomy journey through the despair of loss. It is an eye-opening song about the grave consequences of the use and abuse of illegal drugs. Anna Hill sings the song with strong melancholic vocals overflowing with the conviction of someone who has personal experience with tragedy. The song is Anna's tribute to her brother and is meant to encourage people to help others and inspire change. 

Dōdeca is an indie alternative rock band based in Massachusetts. The group of four is composed of Anna Hill on lead vocals, Angela Fiorentino on drums, Tim Greeno on guitar, and James Moore on bass and vocals.