Today's Video Share: I Know A Place by Line Bøgh

Since 2017, Line has been touring with the visual artist, Christian Gundtoft. They have a pretty original live show combining her music with drawings and animations. While she plays, live visuals are being projected directly up on the stage, and Line becomes “part of the painting”. The stories of the songs are being told through the drawings, and it creates a quite, special and cinematic concert experience. Also the video was made by Christian Gundtoft: It took 2000 frames to make Line jump into another fantastic world.

Today's Video Blog: Can't Get Over You by JeNNa Nation

On the heels of her L.A. show dates, global R&B/pop diva, JENNA Nation unveils Can’t Get Over You, the newest audio-visual project off her chart topping album, You Don’t Know (currently playing on well over 500 stations worldwide) and voted Best R&B Album of 2017 by Music Canada Magazine. “The visual project for Can’t Get Over You is an exploration into the timeless feeling of sadness and loss from a relationship that didn’t turn out favorably,” comments JENNA Nation. “I wanted to give viewers a glimpse of hope in that loss and remind them of the beauty in the experience.”
Written and produced by A+A, with Trvth Music, Donny Anderson and JENNA Nation, Can’t Get Over You is dubbed “the album’s standout track” and voted as one of Canadian Music Blog’s 30 Best Songs of 2017.

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Today's Video Share: Cellophane by namaka

This video was released on the 19th of February 2018; premiered on The song, Cellophane is taken from the first EP, Apron Ties. Directed by Marc Wilhelm, it associates the singer, a dancer and some more abstract forms, representing a feminine honesty.

Namaka is analogical and digital, organic and mechanical; the swiss electropop band namaka finds its balance in between rough electronic beats and fluid sound-scapes.
One of Sophie Adam’s most relevant influences is without doubt the Icelandic artist Björk. Her feminine way of creating music veiled in rough electronic beats particularly fascinates the young singer. Precisely, this conflict between the Human and the machine inspired the band's first EP. Produced by Alexandre Maurer (Marquis Malanga), this Debut called Apron Ties was released in April 2017. Feminine touch and moon landscapes, this first EP opens new horizons, in which the voice draws a golden line.

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Today's Video Share: Seeing in Blue by Castle Black

Castle Black is a Brooklyn-based rock band, bringing a powerful and thunderous sound, full of hard-hitting jams, never sacrificing the hook. Described as drawing from punk, post-punk, grunge, alternative and new wave, Castle Black refuses to be pinned down to a genre. Each song careens through an almost stream of consciousness depiction of life stories, social anthems and raw emotions. Gritty female vocals, roaring drums, melodic bass and guitar-forward hooks collide, staying in your head for days on end.

They have been described as “the kind of band you want to catch on the way up” (New York Music Daily), whose “sound is an inventive and stimulating mixture of genres,” making “Castle Black’s style one of a kind.” (Indie Rock Café) Castle Black is “capturing the NY sound with a subdued, crunchy Garage-band sound with a slight L-7-esque edge to their own concoction.” (Musically Fresh) Indie Rock Café selected Castle Black for their Best DIY and Indie Rock 2016 list. NY Music Daily included the EP Trapped Under All You Know on their Best of 2017 list, the EP release show on their Best Shows of 2017 list and the single "Broken Bright Star" on the Best Songs of 2017 list. Music Existence named the band among their Top Alternative Rock Picks of 2017.

The video for "Broken Bright Star" was directed and filmed by Erik Kops at Purple Throne, and filmed in Brooklyn.

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Today's Video Share: Never Enough by Joan Mercury

Never Enough is the first single from Joan Mercury's debut album, Mercury Rising (Out this Summer). An album about how to cope in loss in love and trying to find yourself again. The concept of the video is trying to showcase how disconnected we can be. In constant search of validation on social media and longing for someones attention. The importance shifts to how many followers and likes do I have? You miss that maybe everything you were looking for, is right in front of you. You don't know what you have until its gone.

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Today's Video Share: Four Strange Walls by Hope in High Water

We are Hope In High Water, a folk/Americana duo from Milton Keynes, England. Last year we released our debut album Never Settle, which has received a 5/5 rating from Rock 'n' Reel Magazine and a 9/10 from Americana UK. We've also picked up radio play on both sides of the Atlantic including BBC Radio 1.

The song 'Four Strange Walls' is an honest, open letter from Carly to those who've been hurt by the consequences of her addiction. It doesn't paint a very pretty picture but it is that that gives the song its sincerity and in this spirit of honesty and openness, what could be a dark tale becomes one of positivism and brighter tomorrows.

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Today's Video Share: Love Had You Lost by In My Head

In My Head is live looping band from Latvia playing in genres - EDM, indie, hip hop.
The creation of Love Had You Lost began with pure emotion and the lyrics are a textual transcript of the feelings.
The song is about misjudgement, how platonic it can become and how this can distance two people from each other.
Our initial message is- "Don’t expect anything – experience everything and appreciate all of it!"
For more info:

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Today's Video Share: Mic is On by Mishéll

 Singer-Songwriter Mishéll(Irina Rosenfeld) had a great musical career in the former Soviet Union performing on the most celebrated stages and concert halls. Returning from a tour in the United States she suffered a stroke.

Doctors said it would be unlikely that she would ever be able to sing again. Mishéll in her inimitable way didn’t give up and after an arduous period of rehabilitation decided to start over.

Her latest single “Mic Is On” is one of the many amazing songs from her upcoming album.

Today's Video Share: In the Shadow by OnismEV feat. Eline Chavez

Onism EV is the new project from indie rocker, Eline Chavez. This is the music and these are the stories that finally came to life for Eline when idea man, fellow songwriter, and guitarist, Christian Votion made his presence known. he combination of her alt rock style and his moody and often dark melodies have created a powerful writing duo that will get your attention from the first note.

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Today's Video Share: Pick Me Up by Merry Citoli

Merry Citoli is an award winning singer/songwriter with a number one record and multiple creative projects to her credit. Her music is about self- empowerment and creating a new world for ourselves and future generations that is compassionate and just. She is currently creating a children's music app that is designed to teach children self- empowerment through an interactive virtual reality platform and by engaging them with magic characters who teach the power of Abjurer. An Abjurer is one who embraces their own spiritual empowerment by going through a spiritual mastery, apprenticeship program that is taught by these magical characters. They lead the apprentice through levels and lands that teach transformative habits and use magical songs and stories as rewards.

Merry has worked with children for over 40 years through being a Big Sister Volunteer and volunteering her music performances for organizations such as The Make A Wish Foundation, Children's Hospital and other charities that support the future of children's mental, physical and spiritual health. She was the owner of Party Animals, a children's entertainment company and taught piano and voice to children for over 20 years. Merry believes that we can make the world a better place if our children are equipped to find their passion, purpose and power in life, by lighting up the world with their own individual brilliance.

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Today's Video Share: American Dream by Raye Zaragoza

American Dream” tells the story of my family and challenges the outdated concept of the American Dream with its white picket fence and house in the suburbs, because it’s never been truly inclusive of all American people. In the last year alone, the American people have been under a constant barrage of distressing news, a “fake news” war waged by our President against the free press, and day after day our country feels increasingly divided. Hatred and fear have an overt national presence like nothing we’ve seen in our lifetimes. It’s time to rise up, turn off the television and take a stand. The days of apathy are over—either we do something about the injustice happening around our country, or we admit to being a part of the problem. We can rewrite the American Dream into a new storyline that looks out for all of us. It’s a big task, but as the chorus of the song says, “Change is a choice, and it can start with me.

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Today's Video Share: You For Me and Me For You by Doreen Pinkerton

This is a song I wrote for my husband when we were engaged. It was filmed by an up and coming film producer, a student of mine, in a course I wrote for videography, for home schooled students. I was the artist and facilitator and teacher of the course. Chynna Birkmire was the Film Director, along with her father, Mike Birkmire doing the editing. 

I am proud of this young director, with the Blue Ridge Home Educators in Wilkes County, North Carolina. I taught in this support group to over 100 families for close to 20 years, hosting and organizing events, serving as President with my husband as support, for 2 years, and on the board for 5 years. 

This song, You For Me and Me For You,  is now on one of the three One Hope CDs.  It is also on the Tate Music Group Cd Free Indeed.

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Today's Video Share: Tinted Glasses by Maggie Schneider

Maggie's new EP, "Tinted Glasses" (produced by Rian Dawson of All Time Low) is all about what she has learned in the last two years about people, relationships, and of course, herself. She says:

"The single of the same name is the most personal track that I’ve written, and it’s about struggling to making a relationship work when the person you’re with is pushing you away. I wrote this song after a long, rainy day – I was feeling low and wanted to write something raw and relatable. I felt inspired so the song was written really quickly, and the video was made even faster.

Britain Weyant directed and edited the video – I wanted it to be really simple and for it to visually emphasize an unhealthy relationship, and the difficulties of connecting with that other person. I’m proud of how the video turned out because I feel that it captures the feeling of the song."

Twitter Handle: rockin_mags

Today's Video Share: Dark Minds by Flor and the Sea

Munich-based Indie-Electropop duo Flor and the Sea was founded originally in 2015 as a 5 piece band project. The following year they released their first two singles Hold your Breath and Shed No Tear, accompanied by first major gigs at Digital/Analog, Muffat Winterfest and Import/ Export. Within short time they gained a certain notoriety, leading to renowned German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung electing them Band of the Week. After the sudden split up in early 2017, Marc Aretz (git) and Chaem (voc) decided to keep the project alive and continue as a duo. During the following months Flor and the Sea reimagined their sound from the ground up, incorporating new influences from the likes of Alt J, Radiohead and London Grammar. Testimony to this development is their brooding and multifaceted new single Dark Minds, which was released on March 19th 2018. Recorded and mixed by Moritz Enders, of Casper and Kraftclub fame, it features a vast and luscious sound world, rich in ambient guitars, ethereal vocals and vintage analogue synths, confronted by driving beats from a live drum set.

"The video features arrested rabbits and dancing foxes. The track builds up alongside the tension of the video with mournful vocals being joined by electro melodies and marching percussion. This track tells a story visually, musically and lyrically." York Calling

Today's Video Share: Falling Out of Love by Aloud Aloud

“Falling Out of Love” is the latest example of the prodigious output from Aloud. Long known for their progressive, propulsive rock and roll sound, band members Henry Beguiristain, Jen de la Osa, and Charles Murphy opt to add a generous dose of classic R&B to the drive and deliberation of their signature style. A horn section -- affectionately dubbed “The Feelgoods”-- reflects the ongoing influence of Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin and other classic soul singers of an earlier era. It is, the trio insists, a natural bridge from their latest album, the highly lauded It’s Got To Be Now, and their upcoming full length effort due for release in 2018.

The video was inspired by a news item the pair came across about the Cassini Legacy mission to study Saturn over the course of 10 years. de la Osa and Beguiristain envisioned Cassini and Saturn as past-due lovers trapped in a loveless situation. The duo perform the song amid scenes of the spacecraft and the planet dissolving their relationship. Haunting sounds of Saturn captured by the Cassini mission end the video.

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Today's Video Share: Crushin' by Brenda Burch

Described as the little girl with a big voice, Brenda Burch has had 8 songs in the Top 7 on the country charts with two songs hitting the #1 spot. Sharing the stage with Darius Rucker, Neal McCoy, Collin Raye and many others, her music has resonated with fans world-wide.

She wrote the song, "Crushin'," about having a crush on someone and being twitterpated every time that person crosses your mind. The music video is filled with dancing, a motorcycle, outfit changes and lots of rockin' guitar.

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