Today's Video Share: Neon Line by Lindsay Everly

Based in San Francisco, Lindsay Everly's fresh, alt pop sound is gonna make you do a double take. Indie rock, Afro-pop, neo soul and today's American pop music - it's a cocktail blend you've not tasted yet. It'll move your body - speak to you in a new energy.

A rebel by nature. A follower of instincts. Taking a look back, Lindsay Everly was born and raised in the countryside of Wisconsin on a steady diet of rock, classical music and pop. Also included in that were 4-H meetings, church gatherings and the like. Desiring to live a less predictable life, she studied music composition, ethnomusicology, lived in Ghana and London, has played in Afro-pop bands, Native Americana bands and regularly performs for corporate events and festivals. She’s performed in France, Germany, Canada, Ghana, Las Vegas, Sturgis, across the Midwest and throughout Wisconsin. Succeeding against the odds, especially when they are stacked high, is part of her forte. Inspiring and supporting others with complete authenticity, is a daily aspiration. All of her music is self-written and produced.

Twitter Handle: lindsayeverly