Today's Video Share: Noah by Hailey Loren

This song, for me, has a complex story, but one of its primary subtexts is about the fragility of life -- about how even the things we expect to be around forever can crumble in an instant (there's certainly a LOT of that going around these days... the context for this song's message seems to get more and more applicable with each passing day, even), and about having to to let go of what is lost, allowing ourselves the space to grieve AND to move forward in order to survive it, which are seemingly impossible things to do simultaneously. 

This video came about thanks to the tireless efforts of director Thang Ho, dancer Kaylee "Impavido" Millis, and a huge crew of amazing people from SCAD College of Engineering and Technology and the greater Atlanta film community. Working together on that chilly and rainy autumn day in Atlanta was an immersive, challenging, and altogether incredibly inspiring experience.... and a whole lot of people are to thank for making it that way. 

There's a lot more about what this song means to me quoted on the premiere page. (

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