Today's Video Share: Stay Together by Madi Diaz

Called “the most danceable break up record ever” by LA Weekly, "Stay Together' by Madi Diaz from her album, Phantom, is reminiscent of an 80s synth/pop sound with a modern twist a la Imagine Dragons. "The record tells an arcing story that begins with a sweet naive love, then things get hard, and then comes a big slap in the face,” Madi laughs. “It starts nostalgic and resolves itself in this understanding of wider truth...this exhausted, relaxed goodness and reflection.” The pulsating and vibrant video was directed by Claire Marie Vogel, inspired by the work of Madi’s favorite visual artist, James Turrell , and shot at LA’s historical Fitzpatrick-Leland House along the slope of Laurel Canyon and Mulholland Drive.  The video's use of neon, shadow and geometric forms is captivating.