Today's Video Share: Jackson's Song by Sami Lin

Jackson's Song was written and recorded by Samantha Schwieger, who performs under the name Sami Lin. Samantha is a Belmont University in Nashville songwriting student and recording artist from Chicago. Sami Lin's music has been featured on WOS Podcasts in the past. Jackson's Song was written about a five year old boy named Jackson Aaron who has Dravet Syndrome. Dravet Syndrome is an extreme seizure disorder in which there is no cure. Jackson has had approximately 700 seizures in his young life. The Dravet Syndrome Foundation is using this song in an awareness video beginning on November 1st; Epilepsy Awareness Month. The beauty of this song is that any family

Today's Video Share: Echoes by Janet Brooks

I'm an independent composer and music producer living on the East Coast. Although I'm a classically trained pianist and musician, I grew up listening to Motown, American songbook and singer-songwriter tunes from the '70s. My music can best be described as instrumental electronic nu jazz.
This track, called "Echoes", was the result of my experimenting with what you might call musical "cells" - compact pieces of harmony, melody and rhythm that repeat and evolve. I created the video to highlight the whimsical, dance-y feeling of the music.

Twitter Handle: janetbmusic

Today's Video Share: Remont w Glowie By GOSKA

This video to the song of Polish singer and songwriter GOSKA was created in the stop motion animation technique by the artist herself. It illustrates the song Remont w głowie, which treats changing one’s life, finding courage, about the spiritual DIY, as GOSKA sings in the choruses. It took 7 days to paint in watercolors and cut out all the elements (240 separate items!) and 20 hours to shoot the video, which comprises of more than 1700 separate images. It is the debut video of GOSKA who has just released her first song ever and decided that the only videoclip that she really wants to create is the DYI stopmotion. (I do feel that thoug the song is in Polish the video itself would be really enjoyable to watch for viewers of all nations ;)

Today's Video Share: Outrun the Rain by Cheryl Cawood

Cheryl presents an edgy Country/Blues/Folk vibe. Her delivery varies intricately between soft and simple to downright powerful. Imagine a sultry blend of Stevie Nicks & Bonnie Raitt’s vocal styles topped off with a touch of Lucinda & Iris Dement!  

Her life was fairly typical for a Singer/Songwriter/Musician (With-A-Full-Time-Job & Family) up until the National Disaster known as The Opioid Epidemic wreaked total havok! The turn of the century pretty much sucked the life blood out of any semblance of normal life for Cheryl and her family. It was time for some soul searching! Not much beats a good ole session of songwriting for therapy. Cheryl is certainly no stranger to turning to music when life gets mean and knocks the dominoes down. “When the heart aches… pour it out into the universe via your very own vehicle. Write a song dammit!”

Twitter Handle: Cherwood58

Today's Video Share: On the Streets of New York by Laura Baron

Laura Baron is a multi award singer songwriter from the Washington DC area. Her song On The Streets of New York was chosen to air in August 2019 on the WOS radio podcast. The lyric video pays homage to the Statue of Liberty and celebrates the diversity that is New York today. The video paints in moving images immigrants arriving at Ellis Island and the melting pot that is New York today. Thank you for opportunity to share this with your listeners and viewers.

Twitter Handle: LauraBaronMusic

Today's Video Share: Don't Let Me Go by Bree Whitworth

Bree Whitworth is a Vancouver based artist who has been writing music for as long as she can remember. Her lyrics are narrative in that they tell a captivating story, capturing the minds and hearts of her listeners. After a 4-year break, she has recorded a new five song EP ‘Siren Songs’ with producer Winston Hauschild. Be prepared to be lured by irresistible vocals and beautiful melodies that will take you on a journey through love, heartbreak and everything in between. 'Don't Let Me Go' is a story about her relationship but from the other person’s perspective. It was a way for her to come to terms with what she had experienced over two very long and difficult years together with someone who struggled with substance abuse issues.

Twitter Handle: breewhitworth

Today's Video Share: Unbreakable by Ali McManus

When you hear Ali McManus’s dynamic vocals, you’d be surprised to know her lung capacity is only 30%. Born 3 months premature, she was given a 50/50 chance to live. Now 22 years old, the Detroit born singer/songwriter has beaten the odds. A rare bone disorder has left Ali in a wheelchair since the age of 7. But Ali’s story is one of compelling talent and an indomitable spirit. “I don't see myself as a person in a wheelchair,” Ali says. “I see myself as a regular person who just happens to sit down all day.”

Ali writes intimate original songs that reflect her life, aiming to connect with others through her lyrics and inspire with her story. Legendary producer Jack Douglas (John Lennon, Aerosmith) produced Ali’s debut album, Unbreakable. “I see her as an artist first. Her pure, authentic voice and magnetic personality light up the room,” Jack says. “She's a natural -- a true artist with old soul sensibility and a powerful message to share with the world.”

Today's Video Share: Watch Over Me by Marcelle Knapp

As you discover Marcelle and her music, know that every note written drew her closer to discovering herself.
Watch Over Me is a pivotal track on Marcelle’s upcoming concept album. How do you comfort an inner child bleeding from cuts that run too deep? A heartbeat of perfect imperfection weaves its way through melody and a world of sought acceptance.

Today's Video Share: Steady Rockin by AYANA JOHN

Universal is a reggae infused track detailing one's search for the love and the feeling of finally finding a union that creates happiness and a sentiment of being on top of the world. 
Song Name: Universal 
Written by F. John
Produced by Anderson 'Mr. Blood' Armstrong
Executive Produced by Live Blue Entertainment & Reddhead Records Inc.

Twitter Handle: AYANAJOHN

Today's Video Share: Mother of Dragons by Julia Crystal

Music & Lyrics: Alex Voorhees
Recording: Julia Crystal 
Musical arrangements & production: Alex Voorhees
Julia Crystal's Videography: Barbara Angel & Julia Crystal
Video Edit: Alex Voorhees & Julia Crystal

This original song is a fan-made tribute to Daenerys Targaryen, from Game of Thrones.

Mother of Dragons is a tribute to the strength of the female personality, inspired by the character "Daenerys Targaryen" from the TV show "Game of Thrones".
Despite the ending chosen by the showrunners, we have decided to focus on the resilience of the character in achieving her goals, always considering a greater good to be achieved. A human soul, a strong, powerful woman who, surely, leave us a huge legacy!
Daenerys, Emilia, warrior women, this song is for you!

Thank you very much for the support!
Julia Crystal 
Twitter Handle: juliacrystal_

Today's Video Feature: Roll This Way by Ali McManus

In a wheelchair since the age of 7, Ali can’t “Walk This Way,” but she can “Roll This Way!” In her exuberant music video, “Roll This Way,” Ali enjoins special guest Steven Tyler (Aerosmith) along with skaters, dancers & friends to “roll your own way.” Ali is rollin’ & rockin’ – upside down and backwards too… and she does it all in her chair. Ali inspires us to live life without limits. Thank you to legendary producer, Jack Douglas (Aerosmith, John Lennon), for producing this hot track.

Thank you to Steven Tyler and our amazing cast & crew for your relentless energy and love. We’re honored to donate all proceeds from this video to Shriners Hospital for Children and Janie's Fund, Steven Tyler's charity to help vulnerable girls who have suffered abuse or neglect.  

Today's Video Share: Questions by Xs and Arrows feat. Courtney Lavender and Glen Hansard

Xs & ARROWs is a trio of native Los Angelenos bound by teenage friendship, a love of Irish rock, and commitment to artistic creation.

The group began as rock n' roll quartet EXIT, playing high-profile clubs such as The Whisky and The Viper Room. In their incarnations with various singers, they have had some truly noteworthy experiences: playing the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, touring the Balkans, even joining U2 on stage at the Staples Center in Los Angeles for a performance of the legendary band's "Out of Control."

Today Xs & ARROWs have found their identity fronted by guitarist Courtney Lavender, favouring an acoustic vibe with warm, vulnerable vocals. The single from their debut EP (From Here), "Questions," was first performed at a dinner party in Ireland when Courtney was finding her voice. Glen Hansard was in attendance, and his encouragement made a profound impact. When it came time to record the song, Glen generously contributed harmonies, resulting in not only a gorgeous recording, but a true full-circle moment.

Twitter Handle: xsandarrows