Today's Video Share: Make Me A Butterfly by Amy Barbera

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Amy Barbera- "Make Me A Butterfly" Music Video & Original Song 

Inspirational singer-songwriter Amy Barbera is so excited to share her heavenly, fantastical & magical "Make Me A Butterfly" music video & original song with all of you! Get ready to go on a magical journey with Amy...where dreams take you to heavenly places filled with God's hope, love & butterflies! Amy wrote her special song "Make Me A Butterfly" to bring hope and encouragement to those who are hurting or for those who just need some daily inspiration! 

*** Amy's "Make Me A Butterfly" Music Video Awards Are As Follows.....
Global Music Awards- 2019 BRONZE MEDAL WINNER
French Riviera Film Festival- Cannes, France- 2019 Semi Finalist
Christian International Film & Music Festival- 2019 Official Selection

Twitter Handle: AmyBarbera

Today's Video Share: Hourglass by Gayle Skidmore

"Hourlgass" is a song I composed about the time that I spent in Puget Sound with my grandparents as a child, and about longing for a time that has past and will never return. Reflecting on my grandparents 70 year marriage, I decided that I would really love to create a video that would pay tribute to this special, life-long love. For this crowd-funded project, choreographer Kevin Jenkins put together a beautiful story for this piece that reflects the fragility of life.

Twitter Handle: GayleSkidmore

Today's Video Share: Close to Home by writer Bryan Motley, featuring Ashley Casey and Catherine Boyd

The first single "Close to Home" from my new album “Second Chances” is about the importance of friends and family as we grind through life. Featuring the amazing vocals of singer Ashley Casey and the sweet violin of Catherine Boyd, this song is a beautiful and relaxing tune with a down home feel. Just listen to what the fans are saying:

Fan Quote #1 – “This song gave me literal chills. Her voice is so soothing yet so strong…”

Fan Quote #2 – “This song is moving and relaxing all at the same time, the vocals are awesome, lyrics are great, and instrumental is top notch! Beautifully produced!”

Fan Quote #3 – “Great track, really original, love the music and the lyrics. The song tells a story and the music is composed perfectly for that story.”

Today's Video Share: Sekhmet by Hathor's Fire

We are Hathor's Fire, two women who play percussive guitar and loud, with vocal accompaniment. A combination of a love of funk, rock, flamenco, and middle eastern music gave rise to the sound that is passionate, unique, and intense. This video is from our first single “Sekhmet”.

Today's Video Share: Noah by Hailey Loren

This song, for me, has a complex story, but one of its primary subtexts is about the fragility of life -- about how even the things we expect to be around forever can crumble in an instant (there's certainly a LOT of that going around these days... the context for this song's message seems to get more and more applicable with each passing day, even), and about having to to let go of what is lost, allowing ourselves the space to grieve AND to move forward in order to survive it, which are seemingly impossible things to do simultaneously. 

This video came about thanks to the tireless efforts of director Thang Ho, dancer Kaylee "Impavido" Millis, and a huge crew of amazing people from SCAD College of Engineering and Technology and the greater Atlanta film community. Working together on that chilly and rainy autumn day in Atlanta was an immersive, challenging, and altogether incredibly inspiring experience.... and a whole lot of people are to thank for making it that way. 

There's a lot more about what this song means to me quoted on the premiere page. (

Twitter Handle: halieloren

Today's Video Share: Neon Line by Lindsay Everly

Based in San Francisco, Lindsay Everly's fresh, alt pop sound is gonna make you do a double take. Indie rock, Afro-pop, neo soul and today's American pop music - it's a cocktail blend you've not tasted yet. It'll move your body - speak to you in a new energy.

A rebel by nature. A follower of instincts. Taking a look back, Lindsay Everly was born and raised in the countryside of Wisconsin on a steady diet of rock, classical music and pop. Also included in that were 4-H meetings, church gatherings and the like. Desiring to live a less predictable life, she studied music composition, ethnomusicology, lived in Ghana and London, has played in Afro-pop bands, Native Americana bands and regularly performs for corporate events and festivals. She’s performed in France, Germany, Canada, Ghana, Las Vegas, Sturgis, across the Midwest and throughout Wisconsin. Succeeding against the odds, especially when they are stacked high, is part of her forte. Inspiring and supporting others with complete authenticity, is a daily aspiration. All of her music is self-written and produced.

Twitter Handle: lindsayeverly

Today's Video Share: Flowers in the Rain by Ed and Carol Nicodemi

Ed and Carol Nicodemi are a folk-jazz vocal and guitar duo who live in NYC. This was filmed in Greenwich Village; the song is Flowers and the Rain. A love has been lost, and the singer tries to come to terms with her feelings. The anger, the sadness, forgiveness, acceptance. . Like flowers and rain, love is another part of life. Everchanging. And so in that way, she makes peace, the best she can.

Today's Video Share: Siren by Writer Adam Print Featuring Melanie Stevens

A live video recording of the song 'Siren', performed by Melanie Stevens and filmed at the beautiful Acapela Studio near Cardiff, UK. The song was written for an evening of new writing to celebrate the female voice and was created to inspire those who have had to suppress themselves, struggled to find their voice, or had to shout to be heard. Songwriter and life coach, Adam Print, writes about personal emotive journeys and has supported hundreds of women over the years. Actor and singer, Melanie Stevens, collaborated with Adam for the debut performance and subsequent recordings and interpreted the song perfectly. Adam and Mel are currently developing a live show together.

Twitter Handle: adamprintmusic

Today's Video Share: Free by Kim O'Leary

This song Free is about the liberation of women for social, political and financial boundaries.

Kim O'Leary was born in Melbourne Australia into a family of musicians. In her late teens she traveled to the USA to further her quest for music. Under the management of Stevie Wonder’s attorney she signed a record deal with Motown Records. She was one of the only white artists to ever get signed to Motown. Her single “Put The Pieces Back” went into the top 40 in the US charts (AC) and from there she secured a publishing deal with Berry Gordy’s company, Jobete Music. This gave her the opportunity to work with some of the best producers and writers in New York. Since then Kim has traveled throughout the USA, Europe and Australia performing, recording and producing as an independent artist. She has had multiple artists record her songs, including placement in movies and television in the USA and UK.

Today's Video Share: Printing Press by Yvonne Perea

Printing Press: Even if you aren't performing in front of 50k people, making millions of dollars, nor have a "hit song", but you've been writing and performing for 40 plus years, you come to know that with the small tours you do, the small amount of cds you sell and the 80 plus people that come to your shows, you are still successful because you are right where you are supposed to be. Moving 1 person at a time with your music, is being success.  

With the guidance and friendship of her longtime producer, Matt Bissonette (Elton John), Yvonne is releasing her 4th album, “Lucky Me”. Over the past 15 years, Yvonne Perea has released 3 solo albums as well as 5 albums with her band, hONEyhoUSe.
For the past 8 years, she has been an intricate part of writing, singing, touring and playing guitar for the award winning band "hONEyhoUSe". You can read and hear more about them at their website, With a seamless merging of folk, blues, and rock, Yvonne’s music captures her audience through her memorable melodies, relevant lyrics, and soulful earthy vocals.

Today's Video Share: Our Exodus by Gen Lacroix

"In the Night" is an original song on the piano from her first album, Sweetest Wine. Here, she plays it live for an Intimate Acoustics showcase. 
Gen Lacroix is a singer songwriter from ON, Canada. She sings from the heart, the soul, from a place of experience, emotion, spirituality. She explores the themes of love, compassion, healing, mending a broken heart, faith, and spiritual journeys. She writes her songs on piano, guitar, and ukelele. Her genres flow from folk, indie, pop, spiritual, and Jazz.

Today's Video Share: Mask by Andrea Lane

International Inspirational Rock Artist, Andrea Lane, can be found sharing music in Centers for Spiritual Living, correctional facilities and coffee shops all over the world. She is known as ‘a Rockstar for God’ by Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith. She likens her sound to “John Lennon meets Lady GaGa for tea on a spiritual retreat.” Andrea’s full schedule and more can be found at

Twitter Handle: andrealane1

Todays Video Share: Heart and Soul by Ed and Carol Nicodemi

Ed and Carol Nicodemi are a vocal and guitar folk-jazz duo. This rendition of the great jazz standard, Heart and Soul, is perfect for any romantic occasion. The video, directed by Joe Orecchio, includes footage depicting every conceivable kind of love relationship between two adults. It alludes to marriage, of various kinds, and is tastefully all-inclusive:)

Twitter Handle: kanary48

Today's Video Share: BE LOVE by Anna Nuzzo

“BE LOVE” is mainly about taking God’s commandment to heart and daily practicing it in our lives. “Do unto others as you would have done unto you.” If we all did this, the world could be a better and happier place for all! 
Artist: Anna Nuzzo is an acclaimed International Christian Singer/Songwriter and TV Host. She has 4 CDs available. She has sung throughout the US, in Italy, the Holy Land, Trinidad, Eastern Europe and Canada for Conferences, Retreats, Concerts, Special Events, etc. She has also performed in Carnegie Hall, New York. She resides in the Chicago area with her husband and 2 children.

Today's Video Share: At The Bottom of The Garden by Anna Durkacz and The Professors of Logic


 This is me singing my song, At the Bottom of the Garden, with my band The Professors of Logic. This video was filmed at The Phoenix in Edinburgh, during the 2018 Edinburgh Festival Fringe. All the songs in the show are originals by me, on the subject of growing old. I'm a late developer, starting singing and song-writing at the age of 58, as part of a journey of healing, following the sudden death of my husband and 22 year-old son in the same year. All of my songs are a bit wacky and are written from the safe vantage point of the over-60s. The genre could be described as "post-menopausal-post-folk", and I have been called "the Beryl Cooke of song-writing" with two successful Fringe shows under my belt.
The band consists of a group of friends with various musical backgrounds, who met at pub sessions and through playing in other bands. Look us up on Facebook as well as You Tube!