Today's Video Share: "Home" By Mary Jennings

The song "Home" by Mary Jennings combines an emotional interpretation of intimate lyrics with music that awakens deep feelings of needing and wanting shelter or a sense of belonging. Mary Jennings's vocal breathes a beautiful expression of struggle, fear, survival, hope, and salvation into the heartfelt song.

Mary Jennings started playing piano at five and got her vocal harmony skills from her paternal grandparents. Her music draws on her own journey and heartbreaking experiences that she wants to share. Mary Jennings's music is not just her stories but also stories of most people out there who have similar experiences. Her music has been her therapy and retreat and she wants to give the same hope, strength and comfort to her listeners. She is a Casio-sponsored artist and was featured in an online advertising campaign in 2011 for the company’s new line of keyboards.