Today's Video Share: Weightless by Angelica Joni

When you look at the comments beneath this video, you see phrases like "Hot Track" and "Big Hit".  I completely agree. I would be shocked if I didn't start hearing this on mainstream radio soon.  With an Electro Pop sound akin to artists like Zedd and David Guetta, this song has one major advantage over the aforementioned artists - the effortless and charismatic vocals of Angelica Joni.  Her vocal ability displays a true "weightlessness" which of course only adds to the effect of the lyrics - the desire to be so in love that you are on top of the world, or feel lighter than air. The video builds from a serene, beautiful beach setting to a climax of arresting images that revealed my fear of heights.   Watch the video and then go buy the single on iTunes and support this emerging talent.