Today's Video Share: Something In The Blood by Amanda Lamb

Amanda Lamb is a young Pop/Country singer/songwriter and Nashville Recording Artist from Orange County, CA.  The songs she writes are fun, uplifting and memorable.  We've played several of her songs on WOSRadio because her music is brimming with substance, both musically and lyrically. "Something in the Blood" is a perfect example of the classy, mature way she approaches difficult subject matter in her songs.  A Type 1 Diabetic, Amanda does not shy away from the frustration and disappointment of the disease, but offers a an alternative attitude to the "woe is me" mentally that could easily plague her and others in her shoes.  From the fan comments, it is clear that her down-to-earth, vulnerable lyrics move and inspire both diabetes sufferers and those who deal with a multitude of trials.  Her music is truly making the world a better place.