Today's Video Share: Bon Appetit by Jackie Morris

This charming video shot in The South of France brings back so many cherished memories for me of quaint little towns, cobblestone streets and epic leisurely lunches capped off by decadent dessert! What more is there in life? Jackie says, " it features so much of what I love:  my partner Van and family; friends; fields of sunflowers; and our amazing medieval "hometown" village of Simorre.  Moreover, it is filmed and produced - so beautifully - by Van's son-in-law, Lionel Brouet, who just happens to be a "real-deal" French cinematographer in Paris!  In short, it's what I call "a professional production with all the fun and flavor of a home movie."  This is a perfect description. The song is witty and heart-warming, novelty yet not hokey.  If you've ever been, or wanted to go, to old-world Europe, this will certainly ignite your passion for travel and epicurean delights.