Today's Video Share: "While Women Wait" By Imogen Clark

“While Women Wait” is a touching music video about women of the past, present and future who wait for their loved ones while they are away or at work. The video specifically honors the role of women in the lives of the men who went to war to serve and protect their families and nation. Imogen's strong, emotional vocals beautifully depict the moving storyline.The song has been praised with an invitation to perform the song at the Government House in Sydney.

Imgogen Clark is a young singer and songwriter. Her songs reflect maturity beyond her years. At 20 years old, her songwriting and performing reveal a seasoned quality. Imogen has been performing around Australia at reknowned festivals and events in front of thousands. She has also entered many prestigious  songwriting competitions. Imogen's song, "Ceaseless Goodbye" was given an Honourable Mention in the Nashville-based International Songwriting Competition.