Today's Video Share: "This Could Be Ha" By Lila Rose

"This Could Be Ha" is a recently released music video which is both visually stunning and haunting. The video was filmed in Nevada's beautiful Valley of Fire. The song is a passionate expression of telling someone to choose life and put to death the negative ego within to be able to appreciate the resources and blessings at hand. The chanting, edgy voice of Lila Rose intertwines with the lurching  beat of the drums and melodies of strings. "This Could Be Ha" is part of Lila's newest album WE ANIMALS. The music video is a collaboration with Daniel Garcia; album co-producer, entirely shot by Lila and Daniel in the desert without any crew.

Lila Rose is a singer and songwriter based in California who is passionate about life, music and the environment. She was born in Toronto, Canada with hypercusis, a condition which makes her sensitive to certain sounds. Despite the discomfort that her condition put her in, she realized that she has the gift of music and expression. In 2014, she was named Best Bay Area Musician by the East Bay Express.