Today's Video Share: "Choose Love" by Anne-Marie Lax

Anne-Marie Lax’s video for her inspirational song, “Choose Love”, from her recently released Dancing in the Light CD, was named winner of Empower Posi Music Award – Best Music Video of 2015. The video fills the screen with a beautiful photographic montage underscored by Lax’s positive and inspirational song asking everyone to choose love over fear. Lax’s vocal style and lyrics pay homage to her musical influences: Joni Mitchel and Grace Slick.

The New Mexico-based singer/songwriter has written a collection of positive and inspirational songs, covering genres from rock, blues, jazz, and pop, that will take you from the ridiculous to the sublime. It will have you nodding your head, tapping your toes, and smiling from ear to ear. You can learn more about Anne-Marie Lax and her music at