Today's Video Share: "Complete Peace" by Tracy Colletto

Combining her talents as a singer/songwriter and an accomplished photographer, the music video for Tracy Colletto’s “Complete Peace” recalls her solo cross country road trip that inspired the song. Tracy’s clear and expressive voice, supported by piano, guitar and strings, takes the listener along with her as she allows the simple beauty that surrounds us take her from a mind numbing job and restore her artistic soul.

Tracy is a singer/songwriter whose poetic and story-telling lyrics weave into an eclectic range of melodies, from orchestrated ballads to rock anthems. Her delivery is straightforward and vulnerable and with an emotive, versatile range. Based in Westchester, PA (a suburb of Philadelphia), Tracy has been creating songs and performing most of her life. She is a classically-trained coloratura soprano who decided to perform her own music with her ownvoice. Tracy’s voice is clear and boldly honest and her music invites interpretation and reflection.