Today's video share: Every Song is You by Debbie Hennessey

Every Song Is You is the opening track from Award Winning Artist Debbie Hennessey’s latest cd No Longer Broken, produced by guitarist Jeffery Marshall at Red Rover Productions. The song’s theme is music’s unique ability to evoke a memory and Director/Editor David Lillich uses the song’s story to move effortlessly between scenes of a past summer love featuring Hennessey and actor Jody Barton (Josh's Lover's, To Jennifer) and performance shots of Hennessey with Jeff Marshall on guitar. Every Song Is You was co-written by Debbie Hennessey, Jeffery Marshall and Courtney Leigh Heins, and was named a Semi-finalist in the most recent Song of the Year Contest. The song and cd are available at iTunes, and CD Baby. Visit Debbie's website for more info.