Today's Video Share: What if by Sheri Tenaglia

Lou delivers songs with a voice that's both rich and fresh, with undertones of blues and jazz.
Produced and mixed by Ryan Luchuck of Toronto. Stellar contributions are made by Michael Carbone on drums, Ryan Luchuck on bass, guitar and
piano, Ciara O'Reilly backing vocals, Sharon Lee violin, and Peter Perko backing vocals and accordion. Peter is also co-writer of the song. The song is essentially three separate stories that reflect a common theme: second chances. They are inspired by real life experiences, beginning with Lou's personal story, and moving through tales of a mother's struggle, a friend's suicide, and a well known catastrophe in the Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004; the deadliest in history. There were four more original songs that were recorded during the Luchuck sessions. Finished versions will be released one at a time in 2017. Each will be different from the next, and will hold surprises for the listener with influences from a variety of genres.