Today's Video Share: "Speed Of Sound" By Brother Spellbinder

"Speed of Sound" is a cabaret folk song by Brother Spellbinder about attachment and emotions. Alzara Getz sings with wistful vocals while everything else around her just flows in harmony. The music video starts with the unconventional beat of a typewriter and progresses to a beautiful dreamy song accompanied by a variety of enchanting instruments. The video was an entry for the NPR Tiny Desk Contest.

Brother Spellbinder was founded by Alzara Getz, daughter of professional drummer, Dave Getz of the Big Brother & The Holding Co. Their music incorporates elements of folk, pop, jazz and Bohemian. The band is composed of Alzara Getz on vocals, Jamie Wilson on guitars, Steve La Porta on drums, Steve Bollhoefer on violin, and Gabriel Beistline on cello.