Today's Video Share: "The Moon and the Pilot" By Daria Kulesh

"The Moon and the Pilot" is a narrative song about the fate of a family banished from their homeland in 1944 Russia because of an inhumane government and war. The singer and songwriter dedicates the song not only in remembrance of injustice in history based on her family's story but also the injustices in the present times. The nostalgic melody from the piano will transport you to a time in history where struggle and sadness prevailed. Daria Kulesh performs the song with calming vocals , deep reverence and emotion. The picturesque music video is a beautiful and powerful message of hope and light centered on love between two people separated by war and conflicts of history. 

UK based Daria Kulesh weaved the words and music for "The Moon and the Pilot". She is a spirited folk singer and songwriter from Russia who has Ingush roots.