Today's Video Share by: Be Yourself by Sami Lin

Sami Lin is a pop-country performer from the Northwest side of Chicago. Sami Lin is an avid singer/songwriter who began writing her own music at thirteen years old. Sami Lin's music and style have been influenced by pop, contemporary country, and Christian worship music as well as hard work, broken straps, and an electrocution from a faulty amplifier. Sami Lin's songwriting and vocal style has been compared to Taylor Swift. 

Sami had major spinal surgery when she was six years old. This tremendously limited her mobility and recreational activities. In 4th Grade an amazing music teacher entered her life and it was changed forever. Unfortunately, she knows all too well the impact of dealing with a disability and the effects of bullying. Sami Lin's original song "Be Yourself" was written to encourage teens to be proud of who they are and not who society says they should be. Because as Sami says "the real you is the best you". Check out for more information and music.