Today's Video Share: Dancing On The Titanic by Lenka Lichtenberg

Lenka Lichtenberg creates uniquely Canadian world music, channeling the rich Toronto soundscapes of the Middle East, India and Brazil, and her own East European heritage. With a voice for the ages, this award-winning artist (2012 Canadian Folk Music Awards -Traditional Singer of the Year) melds innovative expressions of traditional song with her own contemporary compositions, combining folk, jazz and world into a unique celebration of her roots. A child star in her native Prague, Czech Republic, she is a singer-songwriter, published composer and bandleader with 6 solo CD releases. Her 2016 album “Yiddish Journey” was released by the U.K.-based ARC Music,, which also signed off on releasing her 2017 album “Masaryk”. Lenka is in the midst of a diverse international concert career, traveling across continents as a solo artist, with her group “Fray”, or with one of her collaborative projects. Her latest tour (December, 2016) included a concert at the Kennedy Centre in Washington, D.C.
Lenka is an engaged activist, and her songs contemplate current issues. "Dancing on the Titanic" is Lenka's latest video. It was produced by Lenka's long-time collaborator Lumir Hladik. The recording features her band members, and the rising star Galen Weston as a guest guitarist.