Today's Video Share: Winter is Coming by Chantmagick

My name is Marilyn McNeal and I am a musician, composer and videomaker working on folk pop, experimental roots music, and mobile phone videography.

In 2017, I started Chantmagick, an alt folk music and video project dedicated to original instrumental and vocal harmony driven music.

Chantmagick is my place to make folk/pop music and atmospheric soundtracks that weave together acoustically and digitally generated sounds.
I draw my influences from American roots music, West African music, indigenous and hand made musical instruments, Gregorian chant, English folk ballads, and nursery rhymes.

Currently, I am composing on acoustic guitar and piano, but at the beginning of the project, I focused on chanting over electronica. I have over 50 songs of this nature.

"Winter is Coming" is a change of season tune that pays tribute to shifts in nature and the passage of time. i included footage from around the UC Berkeley campus, Vallejo, California and my own back yard!