Today's Video Share: Pulse by Kirsten Collins

Pulse is written by Louis Vivet and features Kirsten Collins.

Kirsten is Canadian born and raised from Calgary Alberta.
Music has been the love of her life since a very young age. She embraces the stage at every
performance and shines. She has had the opportunity to write and record with Grammy
producers at the young age of 14 in LA.
She is featured on the MC Mario singing "Anti-Gravity" and is popular across social media
platforms such as Facebook, Instagram.
To hear Kirsten perform live is a listening experience. Her pure voice has an incredible
fluidity and resonance that impacts your heart. She has multiple octave range that carries
different variants of colour and sound. One of her unique abilities is to write a song right in
the moment.
She was singing on key when she was less than 2 years old. She sang her first solo at age 5
and wrote her first song at 6. She then went on to win Calgary Junior Idol when she was 10.
She was named Miss Teen Calgary - World in 2012 and also competed in the Miss Teen
Canada - World pageant. As an actress, she had a major role in the 2009 film Rust - Sony
(Corbin Bernsen) which featured her original song "Could You Imagine.”