Today's Video Share: Elia-Damn by Elia

Elia started singing as a young girl in Israel, eventually serving her country as a representative singer during her army service. After serving, she began singing more and more in local bands around the country. Elia soon had grown very connected to the Israeli music scene, having worked with many of the country's top musicians, and was able to begin work on her debut album in Hebrew. The album was nationally acclaimed, seeing (and continuing to see) much airtime on Israeli radio.

With a diverse style, ranging from top 40's pop to soulful R & B, Elia has so much to offer the American pop music world. She brings grit and passion to a genre which is often expected to be clean and monotonous. Elia is a strong and unwavering force of music and feminism, putting her boundless passion into her songs and her sharp mind into her collaborations.

Twitter Handle: elia55880151