Today's Video Share: Some Minor Noise by SMN

Some Minor Noise is an indielectro duo from Toronto, Canada. Their brand of electronica is simultaneously dark and uplifting, excitingly danceable while deeply emotional, and futile with the tiniest twinge of hope. Some Minor Noise make music to dance, cry, and break stuff to, and they hope you will join them.

The video for Some Minor Noise's "Still Life" is living life as if it were a waking dream, visually showing the feeling of being stuck in a never-ending loop where you just can't seem to get ahead. Every time you close your eyes, the world speeds up and you miss out, but each time you open them, the world slows to a crawl. Produced by Toronto production duo Airfoil Media, "Still Life" captures what it's like to be 'forever-stuck', a feeling so many artists know all to well.