Today's Video Share: Undercover Girl by Loftan

Shot with the help of friends, the video for Loftän’s song “Undercover Girl” interweaves the light-hearted song title with the deeper meaning of the lyrics. While the band intrudes upon the personal lives of their friends getting ready for a date, proving mathematical theorems or partying in the front yard, the lyrics tell the story of a girl hiding behind her self-imposed mask.

Loftän is a German/American pop music duo based in Eugene, Oregon. Janell Riedl, an Oregon native, and Julia Mahncke, a recent transplant from Germany, met in the summer of 2015 at a Pilates studio. They started talking about music, jamming together and very quickly realized they should make this a thing. The duo's indie/pop/folk sound is based around the women's vocal harmonies. In July 2016 they self-released their debut EP "From Here".

Twitter Handle: thebandloftan