Today's Video Share: Forget by Sherry Lynn Lee

The video for "Forget" is a nod to Toronto, the city which had inspired Sherry-Lynn for 6 years. A vibrant cultural hub and an inclusive community at heart, Toronto was the first place where she felt she could be celebrated for being herself. She has since moved to California, where she met her duet partner George Paolini. Together, they fused their disparate influences to create their unique blend of jazz, folk, rock, classical and singer-songwriter. The song "Forget" is featured on 23rd Hour's album "Perfect Strangers", which peaked at #10 on the iTunes new jazz best-sellers list a few days after its release. The duo has since been featured on FEMusician, Hypebot, CDBaby's DIY blog, Break The Business and several others, sharing their tips with other indie artists. For more information about Sherry-Lynn Lee & 23rd Hour, go to

Twitter Handle: twentythirdhour