Today's Video Share:Nirvana - Lithium Piano Studio Recording by Elaine Yu

Elaine Yu is a Pop, Rock, Country and Film pianist/composer from Scotland, UK. Her music reflects a strong sense of authenticity, whether it's the lyrics, melody or emotion, Elaine strives to keep it one hundred percent real. Choices of cover songs are chosen for the same reason, it is all about Elaine's personal experiences or what she perceives in the world around her. Creativity and imagination is Elaine's forte and this is shown through all of her music. Elaine also feels strongly about causes and charities, she has performed in a benefit concert for Red Cross and helped raise money to fund a new piano for a local church. Not only with music but also through the Friends' of Childreach International society at university, Elaine raised money to help the Nepal earthquake victims build shelter. Elaine's ultimate dream is to inspire others and to bring the world together through the power of music.

Elaine released the piano studio version of Nirvana's Lithium to thank her YouTube audience for helping an earlier collaboration video reach 1,500 views.

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