Today's Video Share: Stay Strong by Pam Schwetz

Stay Strong was created completely using synth pop loops on musicmakerjam with my magix musicmaker premium...I usually just mess around with instrumental loops but I liked the lyrics and how these vocals sounded so I used the vocal loops too in this one. I used free video clips from this great site called pixabay where I grab lots of free cool video clips for my music videos. It is my latest music video so am sharing that one with you here now. It is part of my lyrics playlist...I also have an instrumental playlist with lots of cool videos mostly created with either musicmakerjam or magix musicmaker or iamthedjapp...check my pinned tweet on twitter for all my online music and poetry sites you can check out. I love lots of different types of music so you never know what to expect from me. Enjoy!

Twitter Handle: pamschwetz