Today's Video Share: Why is a Good Man So Hard to Find? by Linda Carone

This is a song that was written in 1940 and the question remains the same to this day - in 2018. This is my new music video (self-directed/edited) just in time for Valentines Day.  Check out the video where I give a little shoutout to the 'first lady of jazz" and the woman behind the man Louis Armstrong, Ms. Lil Hardin Armstrong.

LINDA CARONE is a vintage jazz and blues vocalist; a niche song stylist and an interpreter of popular music from the 1930’s and beyond. With a voice that has been described as ‘beautiful, rich, sultry and provocative,' Ms. Carone’s raw and natural approach to music has shaped her vocal style in a way that is playful, intimate, and unpretentious. With an uncanny ability to carefully choose songs that fit her voice like a glove, Linda aims to transcend the heart of the song.