Today's Video Share: Start Over by JENJEN Wilson

Singer/songwriter/DJ/producer and crystal sound alchemist, JENJEN, weaves her eclectic vocals on a bed of neo-soul trip-hop, dub, broken beats and ethnic percussion, laced with haunting strings, crystal singing bowls, and elements of folk and jazz on her new album, Crystal Ocean, highly acclaimed by LA publishers.

Start Over, the new single from the album, is a journey through addiction, separation, loss and grief, to our ultimate reconnection with the Divine Light within.

Playing around the world for over two decades, JENJEN’s music has been compared to Portishead, Thom Yorke, Liz Fraser (Cocteau Twins), Enya, Kate Bush, early Massive Attack, Sandy Denny, Joan Baez, Natasha Atlas, Joni Mitchell, Melanie, and Aphex Twin!
JENJEN has DJ’d alongside some of the world’s finest DJ’s, including Grandmaster Flash, Daddy Gee, the Freestylers and Scratch Perverts. She has sung with Peewee Ellis (James Brown band), The O’Roonies, and her previous band Snipe, who were rated by John Peel and coveted by 4AD before their split in 2003.

"A fearless blend of earthy melodies and broken beats… JenJen has a truly unique sense of musical aesthetic.. her music is like nothing you’ve ever heard before… Mysterious and intriguing." AnR Factory
"The uniqueness of your writing style will be a plus in this incredibly saturated market." Frank Joseph, Perpetual Music group (LA)

Twitter Handle: jenzen23