Today's Video Share: Down In Mexico by Mia Suzanne Walker

 Indie Folk-Rock combination Suzanne's Band is the official vehicle driven by Texas based singer/songwriter Mia Suzanne Walker. Career highlights include being Captain of the Air Force choir at Sheppard AFB and also being in a vocal group backing up Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith. The anti-genre approach to her songwriting creates an entirely different basis to build on along with introspective ideals and the importance of self-worth laced into the lyrics. The video of Down In Mexico makes you feel like you really feel like you need to pack a bag and get away for awhile. The cell phone being chucked into the sand is a snap shot of emotion that we've all felt at some point or another with that "one person" who just can't seem to put down their phone! If you're looking for a deeper connection to life through music, Suzanne's Band is it!

Twitter Handle: suzannesband