Today's Video Share: Swept Away by Malea McGuinness

Malea’s eclectic background explains a lot. Her talent, drive, and love of music have taken her all over the musical spectrum: part opera songstress, part singer-songwriter, part pop musician, part EDM sensation. 

Born in Texas, Malea is the daughter of an Irish Green Beret father and a Korean mother. At the age of 5, she was sent to live with her grandparents in Long Island, New York. After attending rigorous music programs, Malea pursued singing opera professionally at the Manhattan School of Music. Eventually the years of hard work paid off and landed her in a featured role in the Broadway revival of "The King and I".

Malea toured for years supporting acts as diverse as Train, Kenny Loggins, Shawn Colvin, Augustana, and Gavin DeGraw. Her songs soon crossed over into EDM, the result being a #1 hit on Billboard’s Club Dance chart with “One Hot Mess”. Another track, “Give”, peaked at #14 and stayed on the chart for ten weeks. A series of releases soon followed that managed to combine solid personal songwriting and lush production style: “You’ll Never Fix My Heart”, “Spaceships Fly,” “Earth Angel”, “Come To Me” and “You Are Loved”.

Twitter Handle: Malea