Today's Video Share: I Remember by Joy Phillips

With a strong base in folk and deep undertones of soul meets country, Joy’s unique style can be described as many things. Originally, a classically trained singer, some of her most significant influences date back to the days of Cole Porter and George Gershwin where she fell in love with singers such as Lena Horne, Etta James and Ella Fitzgerald. “My Mother introduced me to all kinds of music”, says the young singer-songwriter. Joy’s lyrics bud from a very real place. Her songs often deal with love, loss and longing. There is always an element of irony in her words and melodies as well as a touch of sultriness. In her vulnerable attempt to depict these stories and feelings, Joy finds a way to captivate the listener with her striking and soulful tones while pulling on their heartstrings with her gentle cadence. With her highly anticipated debut album scheduled for release in the spring, Joy is already on fire and looking forward to a tour that will take her and her band coast to

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