Today's Video Share: The Way by Nita

Nita, an artist originally from the D.C. area and now in L.A., has a new music video out for her powerful new single "The Way", which speaks to the challenges of growing up as a 2nd generation Indian-American. The music video portrays the artist wandering through a dark warehouse, unveiling a trail of nostalgic treasures from her past which lead her to a beautiful discovery amidst the New York City skyline.

Like so many 1st generation immigrants, Nita's parents moved to the U.S. in the late 70s, seeking a better quality of life for themselves. "The Way" symbolizes her respect for the sacrifices her parents made to give her better opportunities in life, yet also the need for her and those of her generation to find break free from their limited way of thinking.

Twitter Handle: iamnitamusic