Today's Video Share: No Air by Carole Berger

This was a slowly born song - taking it's time to unfold, growing through processes to become beautifully - although it serves a shadow topic in society. It's a very personal and precious piece of music I wrote, people asked me to share.

I've been recording it at my self built home studio while my Artist Residency close to Melbourne, Australia. And had the chance to collaborate with fantastic people like Jeffery Buckland underlining the music with his warm play on the double bass and the fabulous filmmaker Miguel Rios, based in Melbourne. I'm deeply impressed by the beautiful outcome of the video, which represents the song's moody ambience just perfectly in melting together a stunning variety of light reflections and colours with the love to details.
By this chance I also would like to mention talented Tomas Strode from Rolling Stock Recording Rooms in Collingwood, Melbourne who added his brilliant touch in mixing and mastering the recording. Thanks for listening and your support in spreading my music, if you enjoy what you hear and see!