Today's Video Share: You For Me and Me For You by Doreen Pinkerton

This is a song I wrote for my husband when we were engaged. It was filmed by an up and coming film producer, a student of mine, in a course I wrote for videography, for home schooled students. I was the artist and facilitator and teacher of the course. Chynna Birkmire was the Film Director, along with her father, Mike Birkmire doing the editing. 

I am proud of this young director, with the Blue Ridge Home Educators in Wilkes County, North Carolina. I taught in this support group to over 100 families for close to 20 years, hosting and organizing events, serving as President with my husband as support, for 2 years, and on the board for 5 years. 

This song, You For Me and Me For You,  is now on one of the three One Hope CDs.  It is also on the Tate Music Group Cd Free Indeed.

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