Today's Video Share: Fly Me Up - by Miss Mojo

We are excited to announce the first Single off Miss Mojo’s upcoming debut full-length album - Fly Me Up - releasing April 27th, 2018! Fly Me Up is an upbeat and uplifting song, and a musical embodiment of energy, possibility, optimism, and youth. The accompanying music video enhances this message with its dynamic sequences and vibrant portraits of New Orleanian landscapes.

Miss Mojo is an 8-piece group based in New Orleans, best described as Soul / Pop. In January of 2017, Miss Mojo released its debut EP, Up & Personal, a six-track album whose soulful ballads and body-loosening funk tunes demonstrate the band’s versatility. The group is slated to release its sophomore album, Love in Time, on June 7th, following two singles (April 27th, May 18th).