Today's Video Share: Old Birds by Bumper Jacksons

Like an old-time barn dance in downtown New Orleans, the Bumper Jacksons pull together a vast array of early American traditions into a deliciously cohesive sound that strikes you right in the heart. Country swing, old-time blues, brassed-up bluegrass - these high-spirit wonders do and love it all. Powerhouse vocals are flanked by a dexterous pedal steel and a brassalicious horn section, all supported by dynamic drums and bass. Frontwoman Jess Eliot Myhre leads the hard-swinging grooves with co-conspirator and songwriter Chris Ousley. At the center of it all, is an invitation to join in – be it a rowdy dance, a moment of soulful intimacy, or a movement to make a better world.

"Old Birds" is a Jess Eliot Myhre original, honoring the fact that we cannot be our best selves all of the time. But as we yearn to change ourselves and the world around us, we need understanding, forgiveness and love. The video is an empowering (literal) explosion of fun and joy, showing images of our next generation busting apart oppressive -isms.

Twitter Handle: bumperjacksons