Today's Video Blog: Can't Get Over You by JeNNa Nation

On the heels of her L.A. show dates, global R&B/pop diva, JENNA Nation unveils Can’t Get Over You, the newest audio-visual project off her chart topping album, You Don’t Know (currently playing on well over 500 stations worldwide) and voted Best R&B Album of 2017 by Music Canada Magazine. “The visual project for Can’t Get Over You is an exploration into the timeless feeling of sadness and loss from a relationship that didn’t turn out favorably,” comments JENNA Nation. “I wanted to give viewers a glimpse of hope in that loss and remind them of the beauty in the experience.”
Written and produced by A+A, with Trvth Music, Donny Anderson and JENNA Nation, Can’t Get Over You is dubbed “the album’s standout track” and voted as one of Canadian Music Blog’s 30 Best Songs of 2017.

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