Today's Video Share: Pick Me Up by Merry Citoli

Merry Citoli is an award winning singer/songwriter with a number one record and multiple creative projects to her credit. Her music is about self- empowerment and creating a new world for ourselves and future generations that is compassionate and just. She is currently creating a children's music app that is designed to teach children self- empowerment through an interactive virtual reality platform and by engaging them with magic characters who teach the power of Abjurer. An Abjurer is one who embraces their own spiritual empowerment by going through a spiritual mastery, apprenticeship program that is taught by these magical characters. They lead the apprentice through levels and lands that teach transformative habits and use magical songs and stories as rewards.

Merry has worked with children for over 40 years through being a Big Sister Volunteer and volunteering her music performances for organizations such as The Make A Wish Foundation, Children's Hospital and other charities that support the future of children's mental, physical and spiritual health. She was the owner of Party Animals, a children's entertainment company and taught piano and voice to children for over 20 years. Merry believes that we can make the world a better place if our children are equipped to find their passion, purpose and power in life, by lighting up the world with their own individual brilliance.

Twitter Handle: magiccricket56