Today's Video Share: Black Keys by Camille Nelson

Camille Nelson is a multi-instrumentalist from Salt Lake City, Utah. Her latest release, "Lead Me Home" featured her instrumental guitar work accompanied by a string ensemble. The album features both original and arrangements of traditional and favorite hymns. "Lead Me Home" debuted #8 on the classical-crossover and #11 on the classical Billboard charts.
"Black Keys" is a singer-songwriter original song that was a collaboration with Nashville songwriter, Ashlee K Thomas. Camille and Ashlee met in Nasvhille to only discover they had met once before. They are both from Salt Lake City where they played violin in the same group for over a decade and never knew each other. Camille and Ashlee have something else in common. Both their mothers passed away from brain tumors when they were teenagers and they looked to music to cope. "Black Keys" is the story behind utilizing music as a catharsis to release the sadness but also overcoming the difficulty of growing up with mothers who were ill. The music video contains footage of Camille and Ashlee's mothers when they were still alive.

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