Today's Video Share: Cygnet by Magdalucca

Alternative-pop singer-songwriter, and multi-media artist, Magdalucca is enjoying a creative rebirth fluidly expressing her unique visions of music, visual art, and film. Her debut EP, The Air Between, offers enlightening and emboldening social commentary, personal revelation, and wisdom gleaned from tenets of Buddhism.
The Air Between melds sensually emotive vocals and lyrics with an imaginative and cohesive combination of stringed instruments and classical music motifs with rugged electronic beats and fresh synthetic textures. Magdalucca’s aesthetic conjures the moody beauty of Björk, Portishead, and with the addition of her conceptual creations, Laurie Anderson comes to mind.
The first single from the The Air Between is the sublimely beautiful “Cygnet.” It’s an emotional centerpiece of the album because it’s the first song she ever wrote, and it’s tied to the birth of her son and Magdalucca’s difficulty, at first, with accepting motherhood. The song has become a celebration of her son and parenting, poetically conveying how that the baby swan swimming next to her in the river of life will eventually find his own way.

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