Today's Video Share: Hawaii by Santa Rasa feat. Anna Matthews

Sit back and relax to the beautiful sounds and images on Santa Rasa's Hawaii video and feel regenerated.

Bringing peaceful harmonies, messages and melodies to their listeners, Santa Rasa weaves sacred mantras into their musical tracks. Santa Rasa is a California-based indie yoga music collective that strives to share what is most important to us all, our happiness and well-being.

Hawaii was written by Santa Rasa's singer/songwriter, Anna Matthews, after living in Hawaii for many years, she wrote the song before she had to leave to remember "the land that I love," the aloha spirit, and the sheer beauty of nature that you find on the Hawaiian islands.

The video was shot on Oahu, mostly in the Kailua area, by Mohan das Champagne.

Twitter Handle: SantaRasaSound