Today's Video Share: Dark Place by Ebony Buckle

I wrote this in last year in response to a woman I heard on the radio, who had called in to chat. They were talking about domestic abuse and how there are many people who don't even realize they are in an abusive relationship. They asked people to call in if they thought that might be them.

A woman called in saying she wasn't sure but her boyfriend made her wear ugly clothes like socks and sandals and tracksuits when they went out. He didn't let her talk to his friends and she wasn't ever allowed to dress herself in dressy clothes as he always chose her outfits for her.
The hosts gently told her that yes, this wasn't normal and that they were going to chat to her off air.

It was for her that I originally wrote this song. The woman who realized that there might be other possibilities outside of her situation. And the idea that the 'Dark Place' inside all of us is actually a wonderful place where we can truly be free. Where we can run with the Wild Women.

When the #MeToo movement happened I felt like I wanted to contribute something and so made a music video for the song. It's for all of the beautiful wild souls out there!

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